Sorry Zach Randolph Links

There is no doubt the Mavs would like to add a post scorer this offseason, but according to Mike Fisher it won't come via a trade for Zach Randolph.

Mavs officials I spoke to this weekend confirmed the team's wishes to acquire "easy-basket'' help but strongly shot down the Randolph-to-Dallas trade speculation triggered by an apparent wild-guess rumor started by's Chad Ford.

"Randolph might be some sort of a `tough guy' off the court, but he doesn't play that way on the court,'' said one source.

Added another long-time NBA staffer, after I told him that some people think the Mavs need a "bad-ass'': "Zach Randolph is not a bad-ass. He's a dumb-ass.''
Check this out for the laundry list of "dumb-ass" Zach Randolph moments.

I have no idea how high up Fisher's source was, but the statement doesn't surprise me. Dallas has been taking character into consideration for quite some time.


Sefko finally has the Del Harris story with a quote from Mark Cuban about why it was important to keep him as part of the Mavs.
Harris' NBA savvy is too strong to not keep in the organization, Cuban said.

"Del has a job with the mavericks as long as he would like," Cuban said. "The professor as we call him is a wealth of information and I wanted Donnie, A.J. and I to always be able to pick his brain."

The NBA Rookiepedia has amazing potential.


Is Mark Cuban about to own a new franchise? (it's not the Cubs)


Randy Galloway has an article about Mark Cuban and David Stern that is all over the place. He callas David Stern a hypocrite for not fining Mark Cuban for tampering, but also says it was the right decision. He also says Cuban did commit tampering and break the rules. And in the middle of it all he fins time to rip on Cuban for letting Finley go in the first place.
Michael has again become a sentimental favorite within the organization, and everyone seems to agree the Mavericks could have used his veteran leadership last June and again this time in the playoffs.

The same kind of veteran leadership, by the way, the Spurs are using as they steamroll toward a championship with Finley in the starting lineup.
Yes, if only we'd had Finley we would still be playing...


This Day in Mavs History
2006 Dallas lost game four of the Western Conference Finals to the Suns. Dirk Nowitzki had a season low 11 points (including 3-11 FG), breaking his string of 42 straight games with 20+ points.
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