Mavs draft

So I lost interest with the NBA playoffs when the Mavs were eliminated, and then really lost all interest when the Spurs beat the Suns (I still do root for Nash).

The Mavs have 3 2nd-round picks, and to me, it's going to be interesting to see what donnie and avery do with them. While most years, 2nd-round picks have a small probability of making it in the nba, this year's draft is supposed to be one of the deepest classes' ever.

While Dallas has drafted well in the Cuban era after the courtney alexander/etan thomas/donell harvery 1st round disaster. Dallas hasn't fared so well in the 2nd round. In fact, they've somehow done better with ufa's than 2nd round picks (can anyone explain how that happens)

With three picks this time, I think we're bound to get it right with one of them. Making next year's roster will be tough, but I don't like the end of our bench as much as some people do. Here are a few of the players I would like to see the mavericks target:

EDIT (why can't I reply to my own diary) :After doing some more research, I feel that if we don't trade up for belinelli (which we should), these are the players I want to see land in dallas' lap. -marco belinelli
I love watching this guy's clips. He's so fun to watch; I don't know how he didn't end up a soccer player. Between bargiani and belinelli, Italy is on its way to being an international basketball powerhouse. Unforuntately, all the mocks have him going in the 20's, so I think the mavs should trade up all 3 picks and then ager (he's a bust) or barea (a find, but a midget) to get him.
See here:

-Nick Fazekas, very much in the van horn/ croshere, except we could have him at the price of 2nd-rounder. Drafting him would enable us to trade croshere if we wanted.

-Jared Dudely. Never will be a star, but very high basketball iq and can do all the right things for a role player. Imagine Shane Battier or a more athletic Najera. He also hits shots at a very high percentage.

- Josh McRoberts. I don't like Duke Basketball, but he would give Mavs something that they haven't ever had... a passing big man. I can see a lot of McRoberts rebounds and passes upcourt to a dashing devin harris.

- Glen Davis. Why trade away all the assets for Al Horford, when a very similar player could be had without trading anybody? Seriously, look at the stats. Glen Davis isn't pretty, but a great pick at 4th in the 2nd round.

Players we have a prayer of picking up with our later 2nd round picks.
-Kyle Visser
-Herbert Hill
-D.J. Strawberry

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