Time is of the Essence

First and foremost, this is not in response to the way Kidd played tonight.  As frustrated as I am at his and the team's (minus Dirk) play tonight, Kidd will work his way out of his need to shot 3's (hopefully, because he had that bad habit last time he was here, and it drove me nuts!) and feed Damp the ball down low.  But there is still an issue with this team that seems to be going unnoticed here, and hasn't been given much attention in wake of the big Kidd deal.  It was more apparent than ever tonight in watching us go up against Chandler and West, watching the Lakers-Suns game, and hearing reports of the KT trade down in San Antonio.

We are incredibly undermanned down low defensively.  I am not going to sit here and start praising what an awesome player Diop was, especially offensively, but the guy played some huge minutes for us over the years with his defensive presence in the middle.  He wasn't the best defender in the world, but combined with Damp, they had a good thing going there when he wasn't in Avery's dog house.

This FO has until 2:00 CST tomorrow to fix this problem, or else we are stuck with A: hoping that a team for whatever reason releases a Big guy for what ever reason (highly unlikely) or B: we watch the likes of PJ Brown come on this team and move around slower than a 60 year-old in a wheel chair.  

I was honestly pissed at the SA trade today.  I cant believe we didn't even as much as hear a rumor of us trying to land him.  I don't know about anyone else, but that bothers me.

As it stands right now, when Damp gets into early foul trouble, we become Suns/Warriors 2.0.  That aint gonna cut it come playoff time.  We all KNOW that more so than anyone else. (see Mavericks, Nash/Dirk/Finely era)  Damp is foul prone, and to have some how gotten the likes of a KT or someone comparable who brings a defensive mindset, would have positioned for the now MASSIVE West.  Think about it, ALL the top teams right now have really solid bigs, especially at the defensive ends.  

LA Gasol/Bynum/Turiaf + 6'10" Odem at the 3. Phx has Amare/Shaq, NO: West/Chandler/Peja (who also is 6'10") SA: Duncan/Thomas/Oberto, Denver Camby/Martin/Nene (who has picked up his play as of late) Utah Boozer/Okur (ok, I think we match up best against them, but still)

Can the FO really say that our line up of Dirk/Damp/Bass can really go head to head with ALL these teams in the playoffs?  You have to figure we will see at least two of these teams, right?  (assuming we make it 2, maybe 3 rounds) I mean with most of these teams, they all match up really well against us, and in most cases, Dirk and sometimes J5 may be the only player advantage we have against these teams.  The whole reason the Spurs fans were excited about our Kidd trade, was because not only did we lose our guy to run with TP, but now we've helped TD get that much better against us bc once Damp is down with fouls, he pretty much has free-reign.  

I don't see us going far folks with this current roster, unless we address this issue. And we need to do it fast.  The trade deadline is tomorrow, and if this team doesn't make some sort of move, we officially have turned into the Suns 2.0 of last year.  Tonight for example, how much time was there a line-up with Dirk at the C and Bass at the PF.  Not exactly the most intimidating front line defensively.  So unless Damp all of the sudden becomes some sort of dominate force, putting up better numbers than he did in his contract year with GS, which as 12 pts 12 reb if I remember correctly, I cant say that I'm that optimistic to run deep in this year's playoffs, with this current squad.  The free agent market of Big's out there right now just wont do it against these teams either, so don't bring the PJ Brown, Sampson, etc. bull shiz. Picking up one of them is essentially like getting a worse version of Herpes, and that ain't pretty.  Just look at Webber in GS right now/.

What do ya'll think?  Anyone who watch the Suns/Lakers game think different?

Reader Submitted

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