Mavs Bounce Back: Beat Lakers 94-80

  • Dampier played good defense on Bynum all night - significantly better than Gooden.
  • I love how Matt Caroll rocks the headband while he's on the bench.
  • Shawn Marion played much better defense on Kobe Bryant than Quentin Ross.
  • Kris Humphries was very active all night, and he got rewarded with 20 minutes -- something he only did twice last season.
  • Rick Carlisle didn't go to the three guard lineup until the fourth quarter.  Obviously they went to a zone at that point, and it worked pretty well.  Dallas was +5 during that 8 minute stretch that effectively closed out the game.
  • The Lakers made 13 FG's in the second half.
  • Shawn Marion was a team worst -17 in game one, and team best +37 in game two.
  • Shannon Brown's dunk early in the fourth was sick.  I was pretty surprised he didn't get a T for hanging on the rim, but I'm not going to complain since Dallas got the majority of the calls throughout the game.
  • James Singleton saw the court and made hist first shot of the season -- an open three (he was 13 of 40 from outside the arc last season)
  • I say this every time Dallas plays the Lakers at the Staples center, but I still love their stage lighting and would love to see it at the AAC.
  • After a win like that, they might have to wear those new blue unis more often.  I thought they looked pretty good too.

Postgame Quotes Jason Terry

We owed our fans a better performance tonight, and we know they were all watching at home.  The Lakers, we have huge confidence playing against them.  Last year we let three games slip away that we thought we had an opportunity to win. Tonight our confidence was up, but everyone contributed.  You look at what Humphries did off the bench, Shawn Marion.  Those guys are just now getting acclimated to what we are doing, and we are learning how to utilize them offensively.

Postgame Quotes Shawn Marion

Not a lot of guys were talking about you before the season.  Does this sort of victory put you on the map so to speak?

We're already on the map.  Just because people didn't talk about us doesn't mean we're not on the map.  Trust me, we're there.  When you go look at the map you see Dallas right there.

Postgame Quotes Dirk Nowitzki

It was great.  We haven't won in this building in what feels like forever. We played well, especially after losing the season opener at home which we took pretty hard. We played well together.  We played well defensively.  We competed.  We kept them under 40% shooting.

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