Wednesday Roundup

First off, the big news: the NBA has made official what is already common knowledge in most Mavs fans' minds, which is our Jason Eugene Terry is this year's Sixth Man of the Year winner.

Terry said recently that this had been an enlightening season for him in many respects as he learned the subtleties of coming off the bench and providing an offensive spark.

"Coach Carlisle, what he's set up and how he caters to me when I come off the bench in terms of getting me involved right away, that's big," Terry said late in the season. "And Jason Kidd's alertness, obviously, being able to find me. It's a team award, for sure."

Congratulations, JET!

Eddie Sefko notes that Dirk has been struggling under San Antonio's stifling defense.  Is there anything that can be done?

"Not really," Nowitzki said. "That's their game plan. Maybe catch the ball a little more on the move. They're not giving me any room."

"We deal with this all year," [Carlisle] said. "There are teams that double-team Dirk at the 3-point line. When that happens, the onus is on everybody else to hit shots. I don't need to go into a long dissertation about it because our guys know where things are." 

David Moore writes about how Jason Kidd's decision to stay with the New Jersey Nets has elevated Tony Parker's game.  You're helping out the wrong team, Kidd!

Tim Cowlishaw ponders the mystery that is the Mavs-Spurs series:

Just when the Mavericks were starting to get some local love after that Game 1 win on San Antonio's home floor, here comes another 20-points plus defeat.

That's why we don't know what to think.

Are the Spurs an older team that may struggle to get through this series?

Absolutely. Popovich already doesn't like the fact that Saturday's game at 3 p.m. means less than 48 hours rest for Duncan and his veterans.

Does that make Dallas the absolute favorite to play the Hornets-Nuggets winner in Round 2?

As we saw Monday night, the answer to that question is a resounding no.

 From Mike Fisher's donuts:

I stand by what I've written about Antoine Wright being rendered a non-factor in this series.  Therefore, you know who should start at the 2 on Thursday?

Jason Terry.

Let's get him rolling early.  Let's put him on the floor when Bowen isn't on the floor.  Let's shake things up a bit.  Let's allow Jet to get the home crowd involved from the start.

I'm inclined to agree with him on this one.

In other news around the league, the Rockets' Dikembe Mutumbo has proclaimed that for him, "basketball is over" after sustaining a knee injury during last night's game against the Blazers. 

Ricky Rubio will enter the NBA draft.

And in another formality, the Bulls' Derrick Rose has been named Rookie of the Year.

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