Monday Morning Roundup

Rick Carlisle says the series is about execution and not adjustments at this point.

"We talked about the position we're in and why tomorrow is important. It's pretty simple at this point. There are some adjustments you can make, but the whole adjustment thing diminishes as you get three or four games into a series. We need to get on the board and go from there."


 Sefko brings up 'the stat'.

 That's why the Mavericks have to make history or be history. No team has come back from a 3-0 hole in the NBA playoffs. Of the 86 times it's happened, 52 have resulted in a sweep. Only three of those series have gone seven games, once when the Mavericks were up 3-0 on Portland in 2003.


JJT, wrong again.

The NBA isn't going to give the Mavs a do-over. Your Mavs were hosed. Everyone on the planet knows that. If they're honest, even the folks in Denver will admit that.

He obviously hasn't been reading the comments over here!


Dirk says the league admitting their mistake only makes it hurt worse.

"If I was the league, I wouldn't say that," Nowitzki said Sunday. "I don't think it makes anybody feel better. We don't get the last seven seconds back, to kind of play it over again. So more than anything, I think it made it worse."

The most interesting thing in the abover article is actually a quote from George Karl.

"If we are going to take the foul, we definitely tell the referees. We try to tell all three of the referees. And then usually the defense is in front of us at the end of the game, we yell 'foul, foul, foul.'

Well, according to Rick Carlisle he was standing right there yelling "take it, take it, take it". 

And that bring me to something I meant to say in my post yesterday.  Normally in this situation, the ref knows the deal and blows the whistle at the slightest contact.  In fact, multiple times I've seen teams get mad at the ref for calling the foul too early when when somebody barely brushes a guy.   But 99% of the time the ref knows the deal and blows the whistle. 

The more I think about it, the more I start to think Wunderlich didn't know Dallas had a foul to give.   It doesn't seem likely, but it's the only thing that makse sense to me.

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