Free agents are not bad!

All the talk around the NBA this summer is about how teams are trying to save money, and clear space for the GREAT free agent class of 2010. I think the Mavs should capitalize on this and use it as a chance to make a run THIS year! Here is a list of unrestricted free agents I think the Mavs should have interest in, and what i think about them.


Zaza Pachulia-Yes, he is not the missing link to any championship, but he is a quality center, and thats all we have asked for in Dallas forever.

Ben Gordon- Not really a good fit with the Mavs because he would fill the same roll as JET, but worth a look if the price is right.

Chris Andersen- We all hate the Bird Man now, but it would not take long for him to be a fan favorite, annother unlikely player if we resign Hollins who is the same type guy.

Rasheed Wallace- Everyone know what he is capable of, and he could be the center. Not sure if we could afford him, but signing him would be BIG.

Jamal Crawford- I think this would be great for the Mavs. He is that shooter/scorer at SG that we need! Not a good defender, but Antione Wright and J Howard can pick up his slack. Lets get this guy!

Ron Artest- Annother guy we most likely cant afford. He would absoluley be a boost for the mavs though. Chemisty issues?

Marquis Daniels- I view it as a plan B to crawford. He could be the scorer off the bench for Wright where Wright would be off the bench for Crawford.

Trevor Ariza-Lakers will resign him, they would win a bidding war between us.

Lamar Odom- Odd man out in LA. Not sure if he is a good fit in Big D, but annother guy Mavs would need to look at.

Shelden Williams- No, nevermind.

Eddy Curry- Proven scorer, proven lazy. He sould be fairly cheap after what happend in NYC, if so, he is worth a shot.

Desmond Mason- Is he done in the NBA? I would rather give him a shot then Gerald Green AKA MR. I-Cant-Dribble-and-run-at-the-same-time.

Hedo Turkoglu-Good player, not right for Dallas.

Andre Miller- I bet he wil be to expensive. If he is cheaper then J Kidd, get him insted.

Raef Lafrentz- Just kidding.

Shawn Marrion- Annother guy who Dallas is not going to be able to afford. But this guy would be great in Dallas.

Carlos Boozer- Power Forward who plays bigger then he is, scores rebounds, and defends. Yet again he would ask for to much money.

Mehmet Okur- A legit center who could solve that problem in Dallas for the forseeable future.

So there are some players out there who are going to make big differences on their teams next year. That was just unrestricted guys. There is more good players who COULD be available if not resigned by their teams.

Josh Childress, Raymond Felton, Marvin Williams, Glen Davis, Ramon Sessions, Charlie Vilanueva, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Channing Frye and Paul Milsap.

So lets do it big this year Mavs, what do yall think?

Reader Submitted

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