Time for rebuilding soon?

With the Mavericks losing to the Timberwolves, the worst road team of the Western Conf., the question of rebuilding comes up. After the jump, we will discect each contract the Mavs currently have. (Note: I use Shamsports to discuss each contract. If the info is wrong, please comment). I would also propose a few trades with certain players. trades will also be seen seperatly, not in combination. If one trade happens, the others do not.

Picks/ and or draft rights: Besides Nick Calathes, no one whose draft right's Dallas holds will most likely not make it to the NBA. Besides the 2010 #1 unproteced pick owed to New Jersey and the 2010 #2 to Indy, Dallas owns it's draft picks. Tanking this year won't help, especially with contracts having to look good for trade.

Erick Dampier: Not the best starting center out there, Dallas and it's fans are strongly advocating for a new beginning with him as the "DUST chip".  Most likely however, nothing, except an overpayed player, may come out of him. Bag contracts, even if slight, are not needed on a rebuilding team. Young players on their rookie scale contracts should be the front office aim, not bonafide superstars that most likely won't leave their team.

Josh Howard: Ah, one of the best picks Dallas has made this century, he has provided experience. His team option also makes him a hot commodity. He does have a few injury problems, but those look like things of the past. A good trade could be: J.Howard for Al Thorton and Marcus Camby (Clippers). While it looks like Dallas may be fleecing the Clips, their weakest spot is the SF. A proven vet like Howard could help mentor the young Clipper players, and if they feel he doesn't fit, he's gone. He could also be used for a S&T if another team wants him. Camby could help gear up a run before rebuilding, as well as having to extend Thorton saves the Clippers long term salary.

Jason "JET" Terry: a shooter on the wrong side of thirty, he is providing great scoring benefits for the Mavs, but has some problems with Defense. Due to his contract running into 2012, teams may not want him. Note: his last year is $5 mil guarenteed until July 15th, 2011. If a team who wants to lose salary after a new CBA is being negotiated, he may be useful.

Jason Kidd: Great assist man, holds second overall assists for the NBA. His production may decrease, however, so the Mavs must've signed him to stay in Dallas so he can retire. Doubt he would be moved in the next 2 years, seeing what they gave up for him.

Shawn Marion:  With the Toronto trade this summer, he now has a $35 Million contract for 5 years. He also has a 15% trade kick in his contract, making him harder to trade. He is most likely ending up with Dallas, since a team who really wanted him would have made an offer for him.

Eduardo Najera: The man the Mavs got in exchange for Kris Humpries and Shawne Williams, is useful as a defensive precsence. The example would be the 3 charges he drew to stop Monta Ellis in the most recent Golden State game. While his playing may not be something teams covet, his contract is. His last two years are only $500K guarenteed, making a team with 2011 salary too high attempting to get him.  If he isn't dealt before the trade deadline, the bonus of the contract goes away, since the provision only lasts until June 30, 2010. Trade: Najera and Gooden + $1 mil to cover costs to get rid of Najera for J. Foster and T. Diener(Filler). Indiana gets rid of 2011 salary, while Dallas will gain a center for 2011.

Matt Carroll: He has 3 years and $11.7 million left on his contract. With almost no trade value., Dallas is stuck with him, unless a team wanting to get rid of high salary wants to do a trade that benefits both themselves and Dallas.

Juan Jose Barea: Has a team option for appox. $1.6 Million for next year. Dallas must decide to keep him, since he does cause a lack of depth in defensive situations. See no trade expect to make numbers work.

 Rodrigue Beaubois: A great rookie PG, he will eventually take over the PG job, unless other things occur. He should not be traded, he should be used as a important core piece for rebuilding.

James Singleton, Quinton Ross, and Tim Thomas: All except Ross, who has a player option for another min. deal, will be gone by the end of the season. If they are in a trade, they are trade filler.

And lastly, Dirk Nowitzki: He Does have a ETO for next year, but I don't see him leaving. If the Mavs do not advance fro m where they are now, he should be traded for picks, good rookies and sophmores, or young studs. The dumping of a bad contract or 2 will also be good. No EC's should be taken, unless they cover a bad contract or are filler. If EC's are what the GM wants, go trade him for T-Mac now. I know most of you fellow bloggers will kill me for even suggesting the trading of Dirk, but, when a team, such as  Minnesota and Kevin Garnett, deal, they get good pieces for rebuilding. If the Mavs let his peak waste away, he may leave soon, without anything except a bit of cap space to work with. Think about what the team needs in the future after 2010, because how these contracts are now, the team will be heading into a financial hellhole with no real trophies to brag about this decade.

Reader Submitted

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