PGQ Game 66

Ugly, but still 2 easy.


It's called 'Lane'.



Mavs vs Nets | March 10, 2010

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle


I wanna play tabletennis right now...


(on the first half) "The first quarter was ugly and we played poorly. They shot a high percentage. Really what the game came down to was the defensive end. I believe they shot 32 percent the final three quarters but them shooting 67 or 68 in the first quarter was not the right way to start. They have some dynamic players. They are athletic, they’re hungry. They came out and hit a bunch of shots and we weren’t as good as we needed to be defensively so we got in a big hole. At half time, basically, we felt like if we could have a 40-point defensive half, we’d be in position to win the game. That’s exactly what we held them to. When we are playing with our bigger, more physical lineup, it’s going to be more about our defense."

(on Kidd on Harris) "He was on him most of the night. Roddy was in foul trouble a lot of the night so he was the only guy to guard him. I know we had some transition and stuff where other people guarded him but there was really  nobody else as a primary defender to put on him."  

 (on 3rd quarter) "Our defensive disposition was stronger, we were more physical. We were more alert. We scored 31 that quarter. A lot of them came off transition off stop

Mavericks Forward Caron Butler




(On the fourth quarter surge to overcome the deficit) "Just mainly trying to be aggressive. In the first half in particular I wasn’t able to do so much with foul trouble, but other guys stepped up. Obviously it was a team effort and in the second half we tried to be more aggressive and play off Dirk and good things happened."  

(Are you surprised at all about the streak) "I mean I am not surprised because management did a great job of finding a perfect fit for this team. You know and with guys like Dirk, a Hall of Famer, and Jason Kidd, a Hall of Famer, and Jason Terry and guys like that, they made it easy to get acclimated to the offense rather fast. We only had one shoot around and were right into the rotation, so the credit goes to those guys and the coaching staff."  

(What is it like being on a run like this) "You try not to think about it and just prepare for each game the same way. Obviously if you’re superstitious you will keep the same routine and just remain positive and accept each challenge with open arms. You know, the next challenge now is New York after we get a day off."  


Btw, thanks Brendan.


Mavericks Guard Jason Kidd


Do you think it is what it looks like? - You dirty pervert!

(On overcoming the slow start) "The biggest part was we were not playing any defense, you got to give them credit for getting out and being aggressive and tough from the start. You know, they got us down by a dozen and then like 15 or 17 and so we finally kind of woke up and started playing some defense for the last three quarters and got them under 45 percent."  

(What did you change after the first quarter) "Well Lopez and Harris they got going early and it ended up Brendan (Haywood) had a good game both defensively and offensively, he had a double-double, and it helps when you don’t have to double team and that is what happened there after the first quarter. We started to then play like we have been during this streak and we got serious there. We kind of came out flat and maybe took them, underestimated them, but once we got going we started the play the way that we need to."




Nets Coach Kiki Vandeweghe



"This is a really good basketball team at home. You’ve got to play a perfect game to beat them here. We played very hard, I’m not sure we could have played a lot harder than tonight. We missed some shots down the end. I think the three threes, one by Beaubois two by Kidd, really hurt us. But it really was earlier than that. The second and third quarter we just couldn’t score, and they got their transition game going. This is a really good team, and I’m proud of the way our guys played."  

(On how they got back in the game) "They just buckled down on defense. And that’s what good teams do, they tighten up their defense, they figure out what you’re running. We still got open shots but they were tougher shots."  

(On if you were proud of his players for their comeback in the 4th quarter) "No question. A game earlier this season, we had a chance to get blown out, but we fought back, the guys kept it under control. I was proud of them, they fought very hard tonight."  

(On his team’s defense of Dirk) "There’s no defense to stop Dirk. Either he’s going to make shots or miss shots. But I thought we at least made him take tough shots. Humphries did a very good job. Josh Boone did a good job, everybody who guarded him. But it’s not just one guy, you’ve got to guard him with three or four guys. Or get a ref to propose him."


Dirk: Proposing, Derrick? *draws back hand immediately*

(What did you think of Kidd’s performance tonight?) "Terrific. Jason looked rejuvenated to me. He guarded anybody who got hot. He made tough shots at the end. He’s a great basketball player, there’s no question he’s really good for this team."


Jason Terry and his little buddy

Turrible acting to start, but do what you do.


Nets Point Guard Devin Harris




(You guys hung in their after Dallas made their run to begin the 2nd half) "Definitely, they made their run. Obviously, they’re a good team, and they’re going to make a run, and they came out in the 3rd quarter and they put their foot to the gas. But I’m proud of the way guys responded, and we got it back down to 1, but we just couldn’t get enough stops to really overturn it."  

(Disappointing to lose after containing Dirk pretty well tonight?) "What makes his team so good is that we did a pretty good job on Dirk tonight; he missed some shots and we got in his face a little bit. But then they have guys who can step up. We gave up a couple threes to Kidd in the 4th quarter, and then Caron [Butler] hit some tough baskets to get them over the top. But that’s what makes them a good team."


I said Caron, not you, Jason!




Nets Center Brook Lopez




(On letting a close one slip away) "It’s tough because we were playing very well. We came out in the 3rd in a bit of a lull. And they stormed back, but we stopped the run for the most part, we just couldn’t finish at the end."  

(On the defense on Dirk) "Yeah, Jarvis [Hayes], Kris [Humphries], J.B. [Boone], they all just made it tough for him to get his shots up, and made it even more difficult for him to just catch the ball."  

(Offensively, what changed from the 1st quarter to how you guys played in the 2nd half?) "I think shots stopped falling a bit. They were sending a few more guys at me personally. Jarvis [Hayes] hit some big ones, and then we turned over the balls a bit much."  

(What about the 4th quarter; you guys didn’t lay down) "Yeah, it’s something we’ve been doing since the All-Star break probably. Pre All-Star break we were just giving in probably, but we’ve been fighting this whole time [since the break]."




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