Tuesday Toss-Up

Here are your Tuesday links and info on YOUR, DALLAS, MAAAVERIIICKS!

Dallas Mavericks Cruise to 12th Straight Win | Eddie Sefko-DMN

"The night, however, ended on a sour note as J.J. Barea stepped on Darko Milicic's foot with 2:29 left in the fourth quarter. Barea limped to the locker room. X-rays were negative, and Barea said, "I think it'll be OK" as he hobbled around the locker room.

It couldn't put a damper on the winning streak, however. The run is tied for fifth-longest in franchise history, and it'll be another 11 days before they face a team with a winning record. Plus, their next four games are at home."

Darko's suck is so strong, he pulled Barea toward him and caused him to injure his ankle. Hopefully Juan will be alright.

Mavs will play the outdoor game next October and Dirty gets named WPOW. Can I get an Amen?


French may soon call on Beaubois for national team. | Sefko-DMN

An article from yesterday on how the French want to steal Roddy for their own nefarious gain. Viva Le Résistance!


Barkley considers hopping on Mavs bandwagon. | Tim Macmahon-ESPN Dallas

"Noted Mavs critic Charles Barkley is almost ready to jump on the bandwagon. A team that was like a “pretty girl with no brain” has earned Barkley’s respect after a trade that transformed the Mavs’ personality."

We don't have anymore room, fatty.


Depleted Dallas Makes Suns-Like Adjustment For High-Octane Offense | David Lord and Mike Fisher-


Are we really running and/or gunning?


Mavs Donuts: Microwaved For This 'Golden Age'

They need to really make Mavs donuts. Imagine the possible names, The Dirty Donut, Blueberry Barea, Caron's Strawberry Special.


Do You Know What It Feels Like | Rob Mahoney

Peeng, Pahng! I always read that site as the women game :(


Finally, a tale about moi. I hate having long finger nails, so I do a good job of keeping them neat. I also hate when my car, "Roxie", is dirty and unkempt. Most of all though, I am a superstitious guy. How are all these three linked?

I put on my Mavs car window flag the 10th of March when I was going to Jamfest. What happened there? I only met The Blonde Bomber and got his autograph. The flag has been on ever since and we've lost only one game. My nails haven't been cut since then and the car has bird poopy. So the question is...

Reader Submitted

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