Spurs vs.Mavs and Boobs Preview | also Substitutional Gamethread if ...

..the automatic Gamethread by our currently hollow holy [zdg]man doesn't show up.

Anyways, Boobs after the Jump.

Spurs vs Mavs, last game of the season, seeding implications, blablablaba. It's always the same. They hate us, we love their players wifes. Lots of history, trashtalk, great games, nut punchs, renegades and an chemically interesting water habitat. But that's not why you clicked jump [in the rare case someone is drunk enough to put this onto the frontpage]. You came here for boobs. Have at you.


[Hope Dworaczyk, the jersey number counts as a subtle hint to her proprietor.]


And for the record, by Boobs, i mean Beaubois. Obviously. Take a close look at the future of both the Mavs and Spurs. These two are the ones who will carry on. Not Parker, Manu, Timmy, Dirk, Jason or Jason...these two. Somewhat athletic, speedy wingspanic leapers with the potential of lockdown defense and the ability to get anywhere they want to on the court. Ok, one is a little bit better shooter, but his opponent has other anatomic advantages, if you trust the internet. Turnovers and Fouls, sometimes questionable decisions and mostly, youth stands in their way to reach their best. Fun for years to come.



Sir Hotbod vs Rod Cutewood. Blowby vs Cubits.  The Beaubonic Plague vs.... ok, i'll stop. The future hasn't arrived yet, according to both headcoaches. Seriously, Pop's refusal to play Hill extended minutes in last years playoffs is almost as mindboggling as Rick's 'Collectors Edition' of Rodrigue Beaubois DNP-CD Boxscores.

For a real preview, visit ptr.

Now to some Storylines for this game.

San Antonio was the first team this season that successfully prevented the Signature Play of Roddy. It only took 4 successful applications until somebody watched game film.

Well, congratulations! The Spurs sure do know what to do on Defense.


After the last game between the two Franchises, St. Dyess was not amused by Dampier hitting a meaningfullless end of shotclock three, ending a 12-year drought.


"I was overdue," the 6-11 Dampier quipped. "I knew it was in when I shot it. The great shooters know."


"Come on, man," said Spurs veteran Antonio McDyess. "If you’ve got respect for the other team you don’t (take that shot). I know the shot clock was running out, but that’s just showboating to me. We’ll remember that, too."

Let's hope he hasn't forgotten. Dampier is 2-15 (13.3%) in his Career on Threes. McDyess is 7-59 (11.9%). I can't wait!


During last years first round playoffs, the knowing sharpshooter also felt the need to say some public words about introducing a certain Frenchman to the hardwood. Brilliant Strategery. Of course he didn't do it afterwards.



And lastly, the big offseason acquistions.


Princess Peanut.


Demon Bird Mothballs.

Nuff said.


So, all in all, it should make for an interesting game. I'll probably read about it tomorrow. In the meantime, i'll watch this 20 times. You should see it at the game, too.

H/T 2MG/Mavstwitter


 Off the record, since this thread will [most likely] be deleted, 
carry on as usual w/ the naughty pics. You know who you are.

Reader Submitted

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