Playoffs PGQ Round 1, Game 5 "That was disappointing fun"


Who's that, flying in? The Closer for this gap?


Mavs Coach Rick Carlisle


YES! Right Decision!

On the play of Caron Butler "Extremely aggressive. He really is one of our tough guys. A lot of the times he went up in the crowd and pulled down rebounds. Offensively, he had a great rhythm going and he was extremely aggressive and made good decisions for the most part. I was really, really thrilled to see him have a game like that. He is just a great guy. He is just one of those kind of guys, you just love to see a guy like that succeed and have that kind of night. Because, since he has come here he has just been a great pro and a guy that is really into winning."

On not folding up shop and playing to win tonight "Our guys are not going to mail it in. There is a lot of pride on the line in every game. The series isn’t over even though a lot of people are assuming that it is. This is one step, so we are two steps towards out goal with two wins and now we have to focus in on the next one. But, it is pretty obvious that it is going to be defense and the ability to get the ball in transition where good things can happen for us. We did a great job of that tonight."

Why the aggressiveness from Caron and Haywood tonight "Well Caron is always aggressive. He really is. I thought his great game tonight was not only a function of how well he was playing, but the guys around him had a great feel for getting him the ball, spacing the floor in a way so that he could drive it. Making the extra pass to find the hot guy, you know those kinds of things. And so, there ain’t a lot of play calling going on at this time of the series for really either team. A lot of this stuff is instinctive. The player’s, we as coaches we have to trust in the player’s ability to play the game, play together and make decisions. Hey, when you are defending like this and playing this hard. Good things are always going to happen. On the Haywood thing, it was a decision to change the dynamic a little bit and I thought Brendan responded well."

On the change in dynamic "We’ve had leads in previous games, so it is not like the lineups we used in previous games were necessarily bad or anything like that. It just seemed like the right time to make this move. It is a little bit different kind of player. Damp has been giving us great defense and rebounding and stuff. Brendan is just a little bit different type of player and I thought he responded well. When I talked to Damp about the decision, he was great. He is going to be ready. I thought long and hard about it. Damp has been such an important part here and we are going to continue to need him. He just said hey I am ready. So it was great. I thought Haywood responded well to the opportunity. Hey, going back down there. The environment is going to be a lot different. We have our work cut out for us, but we have to build on tonight."


Mavericks guard Caron Butler


Welcome to my office.

"We came out and did a great job on both ends of the floor. We protected the paint, got stops and get out to our fast break game."

Talk about your offensive game tonight? "I was just aggressive at all times; I wasn’t second guessing myself so if the shot was there I was taking it. Jason Kidd and all of my teammates did a great job of finding me in rhythm. Our backs are against the wall and we don’t want to go home yet."

Talk about how well the team passed the ball to open teammates tonight? "It really just came out of the flow of the game tonight. San Antonio is a great defensive ball club, they take away so many options and so many opportunities and the first option isn’t always there so you have to be patient and we did a good job of getting from one side of the court to the other."

Talk about the Mavs team defense tonight? "In order to be successful in the playoffs you need to play great defense and I thought we really battled tonight and played well the entire 48 minutes and not just in spurts like we did in previous games."


Mavs center Brendan Haywood


I gotta do something about this bench thing...

What happend after you caged Dampier with a raging canine a box of kentucky fried chicken in the closet? "I found out I was starting tonight at shoot around. We wanted to speed the tempo up a little bit more and get out and run so coach told me to be aggressive and run the court hard and that’s what I tried to do tonight."

Was it really necessary to chop off his legs, though? "No disrespect to anybody, but if you're talking about getting out and running early in the game, unless you're starting Eduardo Najera, you got to start me because I'm the more mobile of the two of us," said Haywood, referring to Erick Dampier, who not only didn't start in Game 5, but didn't play. "That's just one of the things that I think helps me and I think it helps the team."

Talk about your defense on Tim Duncan tonight and your 4 blocks? "My job is to try to slow Tim Duncan down and then at the same time be a good help defender. Most nights he’s (Duncan) going to hit his shots because he’s a great player and that’s what he did the first couple of games, but these last two games I’ve contested his shot a little bit but I’ve got to really be ready on Thursday because he’s able to bounce back quickly and have a great game."

"We got out and ran in transition and that’s the thing that’s hurts us the last couple of game because we started out slow, but tonight we made a concerted effort to get out, run, keep the ball moving and let everyone touch it and it worked out well for us tonight."


Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich


Hmpf, where's my EMP!?


Did the Mavs do anything different tonight or did the Spurs? "Mostly it was the case of they came with the mental and physical toughness, and our starting group wasn’t very good in either category. It was disappointing tonight the way we came out. Mostly as a group, just the mental approach to the game, that was disappointing."

Did you sense that your team was relying on the fallback of a Game 6 at home? "Well you saw the way we played, so who knows. I still feel they are grown men and they don’t need to be preached to on how important each game is. I think they already know that."

On how difficult it is to close out a series "Closing out a series, that game is always the most difficult game of the season, that’s for sure. Tonight shows you why. Dallas did a great job."

On Butler’s game tonight "He had the same kind of game that George Hill had last game. He was fantastic. He was confident, he knocked it down and he brought them home."

On why Butler was more effective tonight "I think he just shot the ball. I think he caught it and shot it. I don’t think he hesitated or worried about it, I think he just played with confidence."

On what the AT&T Center gives them for an advantage " Everybody has great fans, and everybody has a comfort level at home, but this is the playoffs. You’ve got to win on the road anytime you’ve got an opportunity to do that. We did that in Game 2, and we had a wonderful opportunity tonight and we gave it away."


Spurs Guard Roger Mason (of all people?)


Did i told you that i once played for the Wizards, too?


Your reaction to being overrun by the Duracell Bunny: "From the jump ball they had more energy than us. I think early on we had way too many turnovers that lead to some fast break points and got them going."

Did they up their physical game on you? "They outplayed us really, in every way. First quarter was an indication of the type of game it was going to be and we tried to break the pattern but they kept coming."

You got back within 7 at half, but then there was the way the 3rd quarter opened "Yeah, obviously we got it down to 7 in the first half. In the second half they kind of started it the same way they started the game. I think they went on a [10-0] run or something like that and obviously we can’t do that. They beat us and now we’ve got to regroup."

You guys had 18 turnovers for 24 Dallas points tonight. How will you address that? "We just have to have that focus. We’ve done it before. We understand what we need to do out there; we just need to go do it."

What did Dallas do differently tonight? "They did what they did the first game. I think they got in the passing lanes, I think they caused some turnovers, and we played silly in the first half."


Spurs Forward Richard Jefferson


Would you believe they are all mine?


What did Dallas do to control pace tonight? "They’re a team where, with guys like Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, and Caron Butler, whenever you turn the ball over they’re going to turn that into transition points and they did a good job of that tonight. When you get turnovers in the top half [of the offensive zone], free throw line and above, which a lot of our turnovers were, it’s tough to recover from that."

It seemed like they were intent in attacking the rim instead of settling for jump shots "Well, they did a good job of attacking in different ways. Caron hit some shots. He really kind of spurred them tonight. But it was everyone, everyone across the board came out with energy and we didn’t."

How much of that is one team facing elimination and one team with a game or two to close it out? "No, I’ve played in almost 80 playoff games in my career and you don’t every look at it that way. You never disrespect your opponent; you never disrespect the game by thinking we have another opportunity or that we want to close them at home. Rest is important, confidence is important, momentum is important. So we would never disrespect them with we want to do this or that. We were trying to come out here and win, they just kicked our butts."




Nothing to see here, move on.


The losing team's players have to pay for the beer? You can't be serious!


Oh yes i can! For the whole building! 


That should be technically impossible.


Scottie Pippen still has nightmares.


Clean play.


Ma Ball!


What are you looking for, Dice? 


Strong Left Hand. On the Right.


Haltet die Sau!


Uh oh.


Doing it Wrong Part 14: How to draw a charge.


[original caption censored] It's a mustache. 


I said: Talk to the Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!


That'll teach them to call us a jumpshooting team...Oh wait.


Thou shall bow down in the Temple of Turnover.


Yes, he's still alive. No, he won't see much time. 


Yeah! 100 Points! Beer! Racine stand up!




Guy on the left: OMG, my liver will kill me..

Cuban: BEER!

Rod&JJ: Just....great.... why do only we two have to carry out the whole booze?


This is what i joined the AA for!





Dirk 'Decent Job' Nowitzki

Rick 'Pride' Carlisle

Gregg 'Everybody has great fans' Popovich

Tim 'Not get into the little things' Duncan

Manu 'I really crap" Ginobili

Tony 'Always helps in basketball to make shots' Parker

Richard 'I've played in 80 playoff games...' Jefferson

DeJuan 'We can't think about nothin'  ' Blair

Shawn 'We was aggressive' Marion

Jason 'Push the tempo' Terry

Eddie 'Like he got shot or something' Najera


Textbook Pivot?

Right, Left, Low Punch

Courtside with Caron 'Tryin' to make history, also, Racine, stand up!' Butler

Game Recap

Game 6 Lookout




Man, i know Peter needs the gate money, but .......really?


Disclaimer:  ap, getty,,, sspn, mmb, ljrotter's photo stream, ptr,, lakers fans and a local liquid store all got ripped off at some point during these PostGameQuotes. God Bless.

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