Playoffs PGQ Round 1, Game 6 " The Rain"



You thought we closed the gap and then they jumped right over it.

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich


Can you believe it? I got a new car!


On the game - "First I’d like to compliment Rick [Carlisle] and his group for being one hell of a team. I hope we never have to play those guys again. I don’t even want to play them in the regular season. Change the rules or whatever, but they’re a hell of a team … really hard to guard and they work hard. We’re even. Nobody’s better than anybody else. The whole Western Conference seems to be that way. I just want to compliment them on a great season and a tough mental and physical playoff series. They were great."

On Dallas only scoring four points off turnovers - "For us, the two losses we had began with turnovers and it fueled everything that they do. In Game 1 and in Game 5 turnovers caused their fast breaks to begin. They get rolling and once that happens they get really tough to deal with. The turnovers were huge. The other thing for us is the defense. They had 87 tonight, but when they scored 100, they won both of those games. In the games we won I think they were 90 or below. I was real pleased with our team’s overall defense. They were covering for each other a guarding a team that’s hard to guard."

On the ups and downs and the big swings during the game tonight - "It’s the NBA and everybody makes runs. They made one heck of a run. I think they got it within two and then they went up by one or two after we’d been up by 22. They came out in the third quarter and knocked everything down. Dirk played great. We took a pretty good punch. For me that was my favorite part of the game, to see the guys continue to persevere and pursue the basketball, to rebound. They continued to play hard and never felt bad about losing the lead as far as crying to the officials or getting on each other. They stuck together, stuck with the game plan and did a really good job."

On where this team would be without Antonio McDyess - "We would have guarded Dirk Nowitzki much worse without Antonio, if that’s what you mean. I thought he did as good a job as anyone on the planet can do. He really was disciplined with his defense and made it easy for everybody else to adjust to what we were trying to do with Dirk. It began with Antonio doing what he did."

On George Hill tonight and during the series - "He was huge. He did a great job. But [these playoffs] aren’t for him, they’re for all of us. For the fans and for everybody."

On his overall development over the course of this series - "He’s a scorer. He was a scorer in college. He wasn’t a point guard. For him to attack and have that ability is really good for us because I can play him with Tony. This playoff series will really help his confidence. He wasn’t really hurting that way anyway. He played all year long for us and played that role. He knows. In fact, I got on him at halftime and told him he was being complacent and he was deferring again. He was being Mr. Niceguy and trying to fit in. I tried to tell him, ‘To hell with the rest of the team, go get your name in the paper. Go score.’ He had a great half."

On McDyess making some big shots down the stretch on top of his defense on Dirk - "That’s really important because we weren’t scoring for awhile. They were covering Tony, Tim and Manu really well on the pick-and-roll. The one good thing we did was continue to move the ball to the open man and McDyess let ‘em fly. And he knocked them down."

On rendering Kidd and Terry ineffective - "We didn’t invent anything. It’s just basketball. I think our guys just deserve credit for the great effort they put out. Jason and Jason are tough to guard. Jason Kidd because he’s shooting that 3 so well. Jason Terry obviously because of his movement and ability to shoot it and drive it. I think our guys do deserve credit for chasing those guys around and being so disciplined on them."

On DeJuan's pregame car accident - "I just hoped that he wasn’t hurt, which he wasn’t. And secondly to find out if mentally he was shaking up or if it was a really dangerous situation. It didn’t involve anybody else or anything, and he was fine. It was no big deal."

On his comment during a timeout about the person who misses another free throw buying him a car - "This is what’s great about Tim Duncan … that in the heat of battle he’s been a really funny guy for the 13 years I’ve coached him. Nobody really knows it. He obviously was not having a great night at the free throw line when I said that. And just to stick it to me … to let me know he’s going to go miss another one he said, ‘What color do you want?’ Nobody would think that Timmy would do that, but that’s the kind of stuff he does. I just kind of shake my head."


George Hill



On his confidence level in terms of complementing Tim, Manu and Tony - "I just try to be a spark. I worked hard all summer on being able to make open shots and trying to take my game to another level. I thinks it’s paid off this year and having a little bit of confidence from the veterans is always going to give you more confidence and they start to believe in you and set you up for plays that making things easy."

On whether he relishes big game atmospheres - "You dream about playing in big time games like this that really count and that’s the type of person I am. I like to compete, I like the pressure, I like the challenge and things like that."

On the Spurs mindset when racing out to a sizeable early lead - "I think we played well in the first quarter. We held then to I think eight points, but with things like that you know that basketball is a game of runs. You know they’re going to start making shots and they’re going to start figuring out how we’re stopping them. I think Dallas did a great job of getting back in the game. (Rodrigue) Beaubois really stepped up off the bench and gave them a big spark which really rallied them and helped them to come back. It just showed the character of the Spurs. We’re always competing and going out there and giving it our all. Everyone from one through 15 really stepped up and helped to get this win tonight."

On Beaubois being on the bench for much of the fourth - "I was kind of happy because it took away another scorer that was playing very well. That’s how it goes. People are going to go with people they’re very comfortable with. I think Beaubois did a really great job of really giving them a spark. I think that at the end of the day we made plays that we really needed to close it out."

Richard Jefferson


Sure honey, i'll marry you.

on the Spurs maintaining composure after Dallas made a third quarter run - "We fought back to regain the lead and that was huge. Down the stretched we got the stops that we needed and we kept that intensity. When they only had eight points for most of the first quarter, you know they’re going to hit shots. You know sooner or later they were going to get a couple calls. They had a couple calls not go their way and weren’t hitting shots, yet you knew that it was going to go back the other way and we just had to keep our composure."

On the importance of ending the series in San Antonio - "We didn’t want to go back to Dallas. There’s no secret to that. Their job was to try and come here and steal one and anything can happen in Game 7. We didn’t want to go back there. They have a great crowd, great fans and play well at home. We worked extremely hard to get those three games so that we could have an opportunity to close it out at home."

On the Spurs’ depth, in addition to Duncan, Ginobili and Parker heading down the stretch - "Those guys carry us so much and they get so much attention and George (Hill) has been shooting the ball extremely well in the playoffs and pretty much all season. For me, it’s just a matter of getting some easy buckets, trying to get some cuts, trying to get some offensive rebounds and get some shots up. As long as everyone keeps doing what they’ve been doing, we have a chance to be successful."

Manu Ginobili


No really guys, it miss my left arm. Did you check Eddie's Locker?

On how the Spurs handled the Mavericks run
- "It was impressive today the way that we handled their run. It was a tough situation with an almost perfect first 20 minutes and then we let down our guard in the last four minutes of the first half. The Mavericks started the third quarter hard and made every shot. We didn’t start the third quarter with the right mental approach. We corrected our mistakes and we were able to run a couple times down the court and that helped us to execute a little better on offense. We got too complacent at some point in the last three minutes of the second quarter. We were really bad and we should have kept it at least 16 or 18 points but we let down. In the last three minutes in the third, the game was almost tied. It was tough because they were making every shot and we were looking to the side because things weren’t going our way. But we stepped up and played better on defense and started playing more consistently."

On beating the second-seeded Mavericks - "It is huge. We know we struggled for the most of the season but we didn’t play as well as we thought we were going to play because we usually a 55-58 win team. We felt we were an improved team (after this summer) and tied for the seventh and eighth seed. We had some difficulty but we stepped up in the last 10-15 games of the regular season and we beat the second best team in the Western Conference."

On George Hill - "There is no mystery that he played unbelievably. In Game Four, he was huge. It was a game that non of the big three had a big night and he led us to the win by making big shots and being the guy out there on the floor. Today, he had 8 points that were very important in a moment that we needed buckets. He played very solid and was very reliable for us. He is playing the most minutes for us on the court because of this."

On when George waved off Manu and scored - "It was a point that we were struggling and I wanted to get the ball and he said that he wanted it and ran it well and made the shot. He was the point at the time and he had to take over. If he thinks he is confident and playing well, it’s his job to decide who take the shot."

On today's start vs. Tuesday's start - "It was a totally different start, our minds are hard to understand sometimes. We went into Game Five and we were on our heels the entire game and they really attacked us, provoked us and turned the ball over and made shots. We didn’t do anything that we were supposed to do. Today we started so well, only 8 points in the first quarter, it was totally different, we had a great approach and it was a great way to close out a season."

Mavericks Head Coach Rick  Carlisle


Set overrated...i think.

when asked what was he looking for when he put in Beaubois - "We needed a spark. We were having trouble getting anything going offensively. We needed some quickness, playmaking, scoring. He’s been a guy all year that’s given us some lift like that. The think that really impressed me was that we needed him to make something happen and yet it allowed it to happen in a right way without forcing it. It was a great performance from a kid that played a few minutes in a series prior to that."

When asked what's his signature line of speech- "The first quarter has been a big story in this series," he said. "It was our undoing tonight."

When asked why he didn’t look to Beaubois sooner - "I gave Jet a shot to see what he can do. We were hanging right in there for a good portion of time. We looked at him in game three briefly. These have been tough decision all year. The thing I like is the kid was ready to go in a difficult team situation."

When asked why it was such a difficult series for Jason Kidd - "They played a lot of attention to him. They made a point of making it difficult for him offensively."

When asked what was the difference n the ball game - "They were extremely aggressive; the crowd was into the game, obviously. We were struggling. We were probably shooting the ball too quickly. We wanted to get into a running game if we could, but some of our quick shots were resulting into quick breaks for them and momentum. The first quarter has been a big story in this series and it was our undoing tonight."

When asked if he liked what Jason Terry was doing in the fourth - "He was in there for a couple of stretches. The decision to go with Beaubois was just because dynamically he’s a different kind of player. He can penetrate, he can shoot, and he can get to the rim and make plays. When he’s on the floor with Kidd he’s a two guard. These are calls you have to make when you’re setting in that seat. We needed some other guys to have a big game. We just couldn’t quite get there."

When asked about the mid-season moves and losing in the first round - "I think the moves were good. This was a very close series. The Spurs ability to win game two was huge. I like our team a lot."


Dirk Nowitzki


So, yeah, about that french Kid...

On the game - "You have to give the Spurs credit, they are a good team on defense and that’s what they hang their hat on over the last decade. They have won four championships with defense and they showed last year that they don’t want to get Jason Terry involved on offense. They trapped him in pick and rolls and made it a priority again this year."

On defending Jason Kidd - "With Kidd, they really ran at him at the three-point line because he shot over 40% percent this season, it was a career-best for him and they made a concerted effort to chase him off the line, they did a really good job."

On the 2009-2010 season - "We are disappointed. We had some ups and downs all season long and we fought through some things. We made a big trade and had some up and downs after that because it was a long season. We had some good momentum going into the playoffs and we were playing well with the new guys. We thought we had a good rotation and obviously going into the playoffs as a 2 seed it is all that we could have wanted. We just happened to see a tough 7 seed that got rolling at the right time, got healthy and started to play well. This series we had our chances, but it comes down to the fact that we had three chances to win one game here. In all three games, we were in it and they just made a couple more plays than they did. If you can’t win one game on the road out of the three you will probably lose the series."

On fighting back from the big Spurs lead - "It was a little ugly there early on. We got rattled and made a good push right before the half. They had us down by around 20 and we made a push right before the half. When Roddy got going and hit a big three, we were only down 13 points at the half. It was obviously manageable with all of the firepower to go along with it. It was something that we had to go, we came out of the third quarter and made a nice run and we found ourselves right back in the game."

On George Hill - "Down the stretch we had our chances and you have to tip you hat to George Hill, he was the x-factor in the entire series. He had a falling back runner and a big three in tonight’s game. You live with Parker, Ginobili and Duncan making plays and George used his freedom and made amazing plays. You have to give him credit, he is going to be a good player in this league."

On Rodrique Beaubois - "He is very explosive. We were very impressed in training camp and I had never heard or seen anything about him. In training camp, he came in and impressed some guys with his length and his ability to score. Even in practice when we were scrimmaging, he would take big shots for the team. He has a swagger about him and if he stays humble, he will be fun to watch for a long time. He is a special player and if he can stay grounded he has a good future."

Nowitzki was the last player to leave the Mavericks' locker room. Wearing black slacks and a dark blue dress shirt, he quietly walked toward the AT&T Center media room, head down at times, staring absentmindely toward the floor.

Just outside the interview room was Tim Duncan, with his wife and two young children. Dirk perked up for a moment, shook hands with Duncan and said, "Hey, buddy, go get 'em."

Brendan Haywood


Math class pays off.

On losing in the first round - "It's very disappointing. I think this team is a lot better than we showed and we had a chance to really make some noise during the Playoffs this year. To not get things accomplished is very disappointing."

On the slow start with 8 points - "I'm not sure. I think we got wrapped up in what we've gotten caught up in before which is taking long jump shots that weren't falling. When you miss long jump shot you allow the Spurs to run out and take advantage of good possessions it hurts. We didn't come out flat its just the Spurs got good possessions and we didn't. The Spurs are one of the best defensive teams in the league and they showed it."

Coming in as the 2 seed - "It's not like we lost to a team that isn't good. We lost to a team that has Championship pedigree and the only reason they were the 7th seat is because of injuries throughout the year. This series could have been the Western Conference Finals. These two teams are very good and anyone who thinks the Spurs are an easy knockout has another thing coming. This wasn't a monumental upset."

Biggest series regret - "My biggest regret is that we didn’t win. We have to take this series and learn from our mistakes. Long contested jump shots against the Spurs equals death. You must attack the rim no matter if your getting the calls or not."

On team composure - "I don’t think we lost our composure tonight. We may have been a little frustrated but our biggest problem was missing our shots. In game 5 we got good shots. When you don’t get good shots against the Spurs they're going to clamp down and you will find yourself in a hole which is what happened tonight."

Jason Terry


On Mavericks season - "To me this season is a failure if you don't win a Championship. We failed. The Championship was our goal and that’s what we wanted. Fortunately it’s not over. Now its time to go home and work on your individual game and get ready for next year hoping this team can do it again. As of right now this season is a failure."

On rough starts - "I'm not sure why it’s so hard for us to get started at times. You have to get off to a good start against teams like the Spurs and every game we got off to a rough start we lost."

On loss of composure - "No one in the Western Conference is less than a 2 seat. The Lakers are obviously #1 and everyone else is even. This match-up wasn't about where you were seated. This match-up was about which team came out and wanted it more. I give the Spurs a lot of credit because they were the hungrier team."

On the playoffs - "I'm not watching the Playoffs because there is nothing for me to watch. I'm not cheering for any team other than this one. Our team goal was to win a Championship and it didn't happen. At this point you can blame it on the rain. Our season is over and we don’t have any excuses if we look for excuses that can be seen as a weakness. I think this team is all strong minded individuals so we are going to take this summer and get better."

On Rodrique Beaubois - "He showed us the something he showed us all year. The kid can play. Now if he's going to be on the basketball court or not is a different story but the kid can play well. He showed it tonight and he showed it all season long."


The talked about dude.



"Everybody told me to just try to be ready and when they called my name, I just played my game," Beaubois said, after scoring 16 points in 20 mostly-electrifying minutes Thursday.

But when he was helping Dirk Nowitzki lead the Mavericks comeback, didn't part of him think, "See, Coach, this is what I could have been doing all series"?

"You don't think about it," he said. "Like I said, it was coach's decision. I think everybody tried to play very hard and did a good job. It's OK. But when he called my name I just wanted to push myself and try to win the game. That's it."

And how did he feel about sitting out most of the fourth quarter, until Carlisle inserted him with about three minutes left? Didn't he want to be in the game, helping his teammates the way he did in the second and third quarters?

"For sure," he said. "But that is Coach's decision. We don't know, maybe it was a better decision, but for sure I wanted to be there to help the team."

"I guess if I didn't play much, it was because I didn't show him enough things," Beaubois said without a hint of sarcasm. "This summer is going to be very important. Right away from the beginning next season, I want to show him that I'm ready to play."




Hedo Turkoglu's most famous words.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Gettys strikes again!

SAN ANTONIO - APRIL 29: Shawne Williams #4 of the Dallas Mavericks shoots against Richard Jefferson #24 of the San Antonio Spurs in Game Six of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2010 NBA Playoffs at AT&T Center on April 29, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas.


Lowlevel thievery


The Soup was cold? Don't ***k with me, Man..


Do we know this guy?


71% Chance of going in.


97% Chance of going down.


Scheisse. Gleich is Sperrstunde.


Ein letzter Blick zum Abschied.




Mic'ed up










Game Recap



Gone fishin'

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