Bring in new talent! The D Wade discussion?

Okay guys. 2 quick disclaimers in this post

a)If you wish, skip down to the poll if you have your mind made up about D Whistle.

b)If you don't want to be reminded of that dreadful season. Skip this post(but please go down to the poll)

Okay guys. Quick background information. I am a diehard mavericks fan. Dirk, no dirk, nash, no nash, i will continue to love these guys. If they become a 30 win team, i will still love them to death.

But there may be 1 thing. just 1 thing that may make me resign my Maverick love, and, dare i say, burn my countless jerseys and memorabilia. And no, thats not if we become a lottery team, but if we acquire what many people are talking about, Dwayne Wade.

I hate the guy. I hold grudges and i can say i legit hate him. For an entire series, i had to watch him throw his protected body into our precious players, scream, fling his arms around, and shoot 2 free throws. I had to watch him average 18 FTA a game for a series. I had to see him shoot more FT's then our entire roster. most importantly, i had to watch him hoist that trophy. But i don't hate him because he knocked us out. (i still like Nash, i kinda like the hornets, and i hate to admit it, but Tony P is fun to watch, but not against us anyways..)

I hate him because of HOW he beat us. Maybe now he's changed, but then he had no real, absolute talent. If you look at a player, talent is passing skill. Talent is ball handling. Talent is jumpshooting, and talent is a high basketball IQ. D whistle has none of these. In 06' he couldnt ballhandle that well. We all know he wasn't a good passer. And outside of a 15 foot jumper(which most guys over 6 '10 have nowadays) he couldnt shoot. What he was, was just a freak athlete. Super fast, could jump high, quick. But not necessarily talented. before you write that off, just think about it. Look at Kobe, he uses talent, not just speed to score. Look at dirk, look at CP3, look at kidd. All these guys use basketball talent to prevail. but not wade. not in 2006.

So if Dallas brings in a guy, (who don't get me wrong has talent NOW, but didnt 4 years ago) who just throws himself into defenders with a flak jacket and thigh pads, and is just a whiny B word, i will resign my fanhood.

I know bringing in a superstar would probably make us instant contenders. I know most of you would love to see a ring on the players fingers. And trust me, i know getting D whistle is a LOOONNNGGG shot!


So ask yourself this. Is winning a title, worth doing it behind Dwayne Wade?

Reader Submitted

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