2010 contracts and the year of DAMP: his only usefulness

Many Mavs fans, disappointed by the first-round loss to San Antonio, have to look at 2010 as the year to really reload. No more Buck Shots, Stack of Chips, the real Chip is out to use: the DUST (Dampier ultimate sign and trade). Many prospects are being savored by the Mavs (including Wade), I propose that this chip be used in a different manner. Before I describe the manner, we need to look at the contracts (and age) of the Mavs to see that reloading with vets may need to stop. All of the following salary info provided by Shamsports.

Jason Kidd: Great assister, most likely the best in the decade. Kidd holds second overall assists for the NBA, and I see his jersey retired if he helps the Mavs win a title. His production may decrease, however, so a new, pass-first PG is needed(not Roddy B or Barea). Doubt he would be moved in the next  year, may be used as a EC (Expiring Contract) on his last year if he isn't productive (Sorry LJ!). Has 2 more years @ 8.5 million.

Jason Terry: a shooter on the wrong side of thirty,is proving that age can catch up to some Mavs players. He should be a good mentor to Roddy B, teaching him how to finish slashing at the hoop and making 3's with uncanny accuracy. His contract is becoming more toxic, however: with $9.873 Million due to him next year and $10.658 Million in 2011-12.

Shawn Marion:  With the Toronto trade this summer, he now has a $35 Million contract for 5 years. While this trade may have looked great in the summer, it really is looking like a bad mistake on the Mavs part, seeing that Marion is on the books until 2013-14 @ the cost of $9 million.

Eduardo Najera: The man the Mavs got in exchange for Kris Humphries and Shawne Williams, is useful as a defensive presence . Man can dunk if alone as well. Trade is actually pretty good for the Mavs, since his contract is similar to Damp's but with a little money guarenteed ($500K for last 2 years). Could be useful when Damp is bundled.

Matt Carroll: This team's victory cigar, usually sits on the bench waving towels or passing Gatorade. Often doesn't play, but with the Mavs needing 12 players to suit up, MC13 got that last spot. MC has 3 years left @ 11.7 Million.

Juan Jose Barea: The unwanted short dude somehow having a career. Has a cheap contract, but unrealiable at times. If the Mavs don't bring Nick Calathes (which I hope the Mavs do) Barea is staying another year.

Dirk Nowitzki: A man surely disappointed how the playoffs went, has a ETO (early termination option) for next year. Dirk is the heart and soul to the Mavs team, and if Dirk does need, the DUST chip turns to a chance for a sidekick for Dirk to a necessity to stay alive in the WC.

Rodrigue Beaubois: the first good Mavs pick since Josh Howard (03). Has huge potential, needs to learn from Terry the art of shooting and D from J Kidd. If he is able to imitate those factors, he will shine for the Mavs in a few years. On rookie scalr contract, not a burden at all.

New Guys from WAS: Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, and Deshawn Stevenson.

Butler: a good, not great, option the Mavs got at SG. Was able to become a scoring help, but is just a better version of Barea: not producing results constantly,and being a defensive liability at D. Has a contract with 1 year and $10.561 Million, culd be traded for picks and a trade exception if the Mavs feel confident about putting Marion as the SG (HELL NO!).

Haywood: a real center the Mavs coveted, deserves to be playing starter minutes (30+). Needs to be resigned, but not to a Marion-esque contract, which can become a toxic asset in the future.

Stevenson: the reason we got Haywood (salary dump). Is just a EC to have around. If he improves his shot or D, he may earn a min. contract  after 2010-11.

2010 offseason: what I hope the Mavs do: get young. How you ask? By targeting teams who want more cap space (MIA, MIN) this summer. These teams can help the Mavs with age while the Mavs give them more cap relief. I know 99% of Mavs fans want to see the DUST chip used on a old superstar, but what happens if he isn't sucessful with the Mavs, like Marion? A younger team, however can be used to gain talent cheaply and give the Mavs a quick retool on the fly without watching painful blowouts. Picks could also be aquired, since the Mavs only have a second round pick (via OKC In the Roddy B trade) @ #50. The second rounder, i hope should be used on Da'sean Butler, the WVU senoir who lost his ACL. ACL's aren't needed by players (Blair is an example). Butler could spend the 2010 season recovering, playing in the Euro league for a year, and then be signed. He was slated for a first round pick, and could be a steal if a team is willing to wait and if Butler recovers. Who knows what us Mavs fans will see: but this will be one of the most exciting FA's to occur in the NBA.

Reader Submitted

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