Mavericks Chain of Questions

Hey guys! I have a chain of questions about Dallas and the fans I'd like to ask.

My aim in this post is for you guys to answer as many questions as you want, in the format of just writing what question you're answering, and then your answer!


1) Is dirk the best player of all time?

(You would post)

1-Yeah he is! Who else would it be? Dampier, maybe.


Also, i would like to open this to any other people that have questions they'd like to have answered abotu Dallas! Just ask them and people can reply to your comment with the answer! Hopefully this post won't anger anyone, but i just want to create some positive conversation and spreading of Dallas knowledge and let us take out minds off the offseason for a few short mintues

*Quick disclaimer. Don't get upset if some of these questions seem obvious to you. If i knew what fans thought, i wouldnt bother typing it

Ok Haha here we go

1) Where did the (hilarious) obsession with Matt Carrol generate from?

2)  Does anyone here have harsh feelings for any ex-mavs (even coaches)? Fin, Nashy, Nelson, anyone?

3) Would you guys prefer to let Roddy Develop, or if we could get an allstar deal him away(not another decent player, im talking a Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, etc.)?

4) Does anyone feel since our players are offensive minded, that our coach should be defensive minded? Remember the success AJ brought. After all we did have a Finals appearance.

5) According to some posts, I have noticed many people don't like JJ Barea or Jason Terry, but it seemed on TV and before i found this Site that they were fan favorites? As far as crowd reaction, etc. So how do you feel about them?

6) Does anyone truly believe that refs have a bias vs Dallas? As a fan im furious and think its clear to see, but i've noticed many Mav bloggers think its a minor issue, or no issue at all. Opinions?

7) Do fans think Cuban's Fines and yelling at Refs and being fiesty is bad for the organization? That it makes us look bad? I know younger fans love it, but do some older mature fans see it as childish?

8) What are some teams you feel a hatred or rivalry for? The teams i dislike as a fan don't seem to be notorious on this site. So as a fan, what teams make you cringe?

9) Same as question 8, but with players rather than teams

10) Are there any changes fans would like in the area of personnel? I know some want a different coach. Or i know others think our boys up top keep bringing in the wrong talent and wish for other people to deal with trades and contracts. How do fans feel about this issue?

11) How do fans feel about newcoming fans? Do you dislike bandwagon fans here in Dallas, or welcome them?

12) Does anyone else feel our crowd is too quiet during games? In clutch time, late, our crowd can be the loudest and roudiest in the league. I'm not kidding. This is coming from a guy who watches some teams 15+ times, most teams play 5+ times, and every team at least 2 times. When our crowd turns it on its hard to match, but does anyone else think it lacks intensity in quarters 1-3? Ive seen 10-2 runes become 13-2 with a huge 3 and fans just give a cheer that dies out in 5 or 6 seconds after a timeout is called. Again, in the 4th were fantastic, but seem to lack energy at other times!


Here are some starter ones. I might update them, or i might start posting them on the comment spot. Again, this is simply a way to just stimulate some thought, and so i have a better idea of how fans feel on this site. I want to know generally what the feelings are to other teams and players as well as our own. I just guess i want to see your opinions to alter my writing style and try to write more appealing posts so hopefully one day we can make this site into a booming site complete with debating comments and new fanposts daily if not every few hours!



Reader Submitted

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