The worst is here!! Now what?

This post serves 1 purpose, imagine, yes, just imagine, that Dirk leaves. I would hate this too, but don't eat me alive, its just a scenario.

People see this happening, and Leaving Dallas with 2 option, Contend, or rebuild. However, i see it as 2 different options. Read through 'The Jump' to find out those 2!

Man! I sure love the jump!

I see post Dirk Dallas as having 2 possible scenarios. It isnt rebuild or contend, its if Cubes stays, or leaves the team. Each has a few options, and I'd like to see your opinions.

If Cubes Stays:

-We can still try to win it by replacing Dirk with a superstar. Yes, we could do this! Just bring in another star, surround him with more talent as we normally do in offseasons when Dirk stays, and go for it again!

-Still try to contend, however instead of 1 superstar, pull a Detroit Pistons in the mid 2000's, and try to win with 4 or 5 All Stars, but no definite Superstar. 

-Dirk is gone, do one of the options above listed, but rid of Rick and some other players, and being in Defense! If we can't have Dirk then were going to give up on being a powerhouse on offense, and try to win by holding opponents to under 90 points!


If Cubes Leaves:

-Without the deep pockets were screwed. rebuild

-Try to contend with the best we can get with a new owner.

-Go on a rampage killing spree killing anyone who's name has a vowel in it, and just for kicks and to use up the remaining ammunition go to Miami and murder everyone wearing a Wade Jersey. If bullets remain at this point, donate them to other Maverick fans which are doing the same as you, but are just starting out, as you are tired of the murder and carnage. Then flee the country as a refugee, go to somewhere in the Bahama's and get a refugee Visa, claiming to be running from a Mob in the USA that ruined your life, a Mob Ran by the Notorious David Stern.


I only ask 1 thing. When replying to this, simply make sure your comment contains 2 things, then the rest you put what you want.Just please either choose an option(or make up your own) for what YOU would like for each scenario. If Cubes leaves or if he stays.

Reader Submitted

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