A question for all sports fans. Even though Maverick fans are just plain, well, better ;)

Hey guys! This is a post i've been wanting to post for a long time now. I've always wanted to know your opinions. This goes for all sports.

REALLY think about it before you answer the poll or comment. Really brainstorm. Often people's initial answer to the question is different than when they think about it for a few minutes, and take different teams into consideration.

AHA! The jump. You know i don't fail to use it.

Okay, so this morning's rout of North Korea by Portugal(w000t!!!) has reminded me of the question that i've wanted to ask this site for quite some time.

In Professional Sports, if running up the score okay, or not?

Okay. Take the following into consideration. These guys are not 13 year old boys and girls. They are getting paid millions, and this is their JOB. It's not a hobby. Its what they do to support their families. Now routing a team can seem immoral or douchey. But i support it. 

At the High School or Collegiate level, no. Don't do it. People that play for these leagues are 15-21 years old, and don't need that in their lives. But grown men(i do realize there are several <21 year olds in the NBA, NFL, etc.) can handle it. If they can't prepare for a game and put up a fight, they deserve to be embarrassed.

However, there are exceptions to my opinion, and i'll list them. These are occasions routing should not happen, such as meaningless games and if a key player on the other team is injured.

Now, there are some things to think over when going for a rout, which i will also go over. If they keep their starters in, i believe they are playing liek it's not over, thus you must also play some starters. Also, you don't want to go out of your way to run up the score. For example, you don't sub in starters that were on the bench when you got you 15-2 run to build a 25 point lead. Don't sub IN starters, but that doesn't mean you have to take them OUT. Also, superstars. Don't play them. For example, for dallas, keep Terry, Butler, and Maybe Haywood in. But not Nowitzki or Kidd(old age).


Reader Submitted

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