I feel tha Mark Cuban should quit wasting money and finally listen to the fans. The past transactions have been wishy washy with trading devin harris for jason kidd a very dumb trade especially if your not going to get physical big man with a down low presence in the paint to fit kidd's style of play. Getting some of the former players was a good move and should try to get some of those players back like Raja Bell, Jerry Stackhouse, Drew Gooden, Marquis Daniels, DeSagana Diop, Brandon Bass, Gerald Green, Josh  Howard. Yes i know Josh Howard had some bad off the court slip ups but he is a great quality player giving his all on the court. With the free agency list being heavy in  star players is good but not all are a good fit just because there superstars. I feel that dallas should try to acquire key free agents like Shaq, Nate Robinson, Matt Barnes, Josh Howard, Marc Gasol, Jerry Stackhouse, Raja Bell, DeSagana Diop, Drew Gooden, Brandon Bass, Gerald Green, David LeeBen Wallace or Tayshaun Prince. I know you are shocked at some I listed but I will explain why. Shaq the reason i say shaq is that he will fit Jason Kidd's style of play while taking some of multiple defensive pressure off of Dirk. Nate Robinson would be a Good fit because he a style totally opposite of Jason Kidd's style were he can do more than just assist and defend by scoring and using his youthfullness of speed, hustle ability and more. Matt Barnes, Jerry Stackhouse, David Lee, Raja Bell, DeSagana Diop, Drew Gooden and Marquis Daniels would be key players off the bench. Marc Gasol would make a great presence in the paint by good rebounding, scoring, defense, taking up space and backing up Dirk while on the court together. Ben Wallace speaks for his self pure defense and hustle. Tayshaun Prince is a very unique player who can be place at many positions and dominate on the floor with his long reach, left handed stroke, hustle, rebounding and defense. With all this being said here is roster line up



  1. Marc Gasol C
  2. Dirk PF
  3. Shawn Marion SF
  4. Matt Barnes SG
  5. Jason Kidd PG
  6. DeSagana Diop C
  7. David Lee PF
  8. Shaq C
  9. Drew Gooden PF
  10. Jerry Stackhouse SF
  11. Raja Bell SG/SF
  12. Jason Terry PG/SG
  13. Rodrigue Beaubois SG/PG
  14. Caron Butler SG/SF
  15. Nate Robinson PG
  16. Marquis Daniels SG/SF
  17. Josh Howard SF/SG
  18. Brendan Haywood C
  19. D. Jones SG/PG





Reader Submitted

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