Possible Options for a Good Season?

Hey guys. In the ensuing post i will submit what i believe to be some solid options on how we can actually garnish some success next year. I'm not going to get too cocky, but i won't be negative like i was last offseason. If you don't think any of these are possible, simply submit your own ideas

*Quick disclaimer, i am not too familiar with Salary Cap rules and restrictions. I don't believe any of my ideas will greatly offset the balance. Nothing a quick sign or trade cant fix(for contract purposes). If any of them are too farfetched, simply let me know and i will omit them as soon as i read your explanation and have a few open minutes. Not to be confused with the ideas being crazy, just impossible due to salary cap rules.

Okay. The first option that comes to mind, is the option of doing nothing. One im actually in favor of.

OPTION 1>>We may not have done much this season, but this team wasn't together more than a few months before the playoffs. We have it all. We have a great facilitator in Jason Kidd, a scoring guard who can put in points in Butler, a defensive minded forward to take on the likes of Kobe and Lebron in Marion, an all purpose scorer and offensive weapon in Dirk, and a big man who i still believe can take the role of I'm-here-to-stop-other-bigs-be-greatful-if-i-can-score-10-points-a-game in Haywood. Also, we have a spot up shooter in Terry coming off the bench, a lightning quick spark in Roddy B, and a similar player with maybe a bit better shooting abilities in JJ, Najera in a grinding hustler to do our dirty work, and finally a ladies man that fills the seats in Matt Carrol.

Not to mention we have the Dust Chip. With this we can get a defensive big man to let dirk take breaks on D, similar to what he does, and so you can't double him. Also, we can package away JJ in this deal and maybe get a starting Big out of it, and you guys cant say Haywood wouldnt be a top, if not one of the best, bigmen coming off the bench. Key word, off the bench.


OPTION 2>> Let's just get it out of the way. Dirk wants to leave. And he does. Lets just say that really fast. We could get a Chris Bosh type player out of this. If we can fish in Bosh, with the Dust chip and packaging off JJ, or maybe if we want something better, Roddy B, and get some good player to double up with Bosh in the low post, and becoming a big man machine! Along with Kidd to spot up and hit some 3's and some sick dimes, this could work. Or maybe we could get Ray Allen to be a sidekick to Bosh. Imagine having to deal with Allen and Butler/Kidd, and when they tire, dealing with Terry/Marion/JJ or Roddy B. That would be uncanny. So much firepower. Then we have Bosh and Haywood at the bigs, and possible trade off some unneeded talent or picks to get a solid Big man backup, and we could have a title run next year.


OPTION 3>> Keep dirk, but surround him with some good, solid offense. Again, use the Dust Chip and possible JJ or Roddy B, and get  Maybe a Joe Johnson, or Ray Allen. Depending on who we get, if we could get Marion/Butler to subdue to a bench role, we could be talking about one of the most offensively stacked teams in the NBA if not in the past decade or so. Kidd, Allen/Johnson, Butler, Dirk, Haywood with Terry and Marion off the bench. This could be a wacky scenario.. And probably impossible with the Cap, but just remember how great Cuban is with this stuff. We have a lot of bench players getting in the millions, picks, the dust chip, and always a sign and trade. We could make this work and get us Joe Johnson or Allen. Or Do this same thing, and get Chris Bosh. Im not going to waste a whole option on getting Lebron, because its too slim a chance, so ill just add Lebron and Wade into the mix for this option, instead of Allen or joe johnson.


OPTION 4>> I'm just throwing this in there. No need to criticize because im just putting it for the heck of it. Rebuild. This would only happen if dirk leaves. Trade off some of our hotshot talent to teams who want to contend and in return get some young guns or picks. Add Roddy B to these picks/young players, and we could be scary in 3 or 4 years. Keep Kidd around(because noone wants his contract) and maybe Terry to sell some tickets. Again, i don't like this option, but if we have to, it needs to be done right. Teams that try to "rebuild" and still win 35-45 games are the ones that are lost forever. Because you cant rebuild truly and still try to edge in the playoffs. That's how you end up like the Clippers. If we rebuild, do it RIGHT, dont keep a few guys to have a shot at a title because were not going to win it. If our young rebuild players can win 35 or 40 games good for us, but dont strive to.


OPTION 5>> Probably what's going to happen. This is a mix of OPTION 1 and throwing in a mild version of OPTION 3. Dirk stays. We keep the same core players. but trade off Damp and maybe JJ or Roddy or just SOMEONE and have an offseason similar to that of last year. Bring in someone with the talent of marion, a player thats solid, not quite an allstar but solid, and try to have a shot at a title. If we HAVE to do this option, I wouldn't want a spot up shooter like we've gotten in the past. If we do this, i want a MEAN big man. Someone to really just take something off Dirk's shoulders. We need a guy that'll make teams FEAR going inside against Dallas, not want to do it and do it at will. I truly believe Dallas has been a defensive Big man away from a ring for almost a decade now. If our PF is offensive minded and a liability on D(i understand he's greatly improved his D, but against other superstar filled teams he is a liability on D) we need a 5 that can do the dirty work. maybe a Perkins or a Glen Davis. Someone like (obviously not) Marc Gasol or a Camby like player(hopefully younger). There are many options, Nene. Just someone again, to make out defensive paint a bit scary. Then teams would be reliant on jumpshooting.


Again guys. Some of these scenarios might be impossible, but don't shoot them down. We have Roddy B, JJ Barea, The dust Chip, and the best owner in the game. We might change up our supporting cast, but im sure Cuban can find a way to keep our few Core guys and change up teh rest of the team in order to bring in a superstar.

Also, i mention several times the possibility of ridding us of Roddy B. I know it's painful, but if it has to be done, do it. I know guys, its sad, but if you tell me right now ridding us of this absolute BEAST(along with other pieces) can give us a shot at a Lebron,Wade,Bosh, Amar'e , etc. i say sorry man. I love you roddy but you gotta go.


Post away! I figure some of these are poor options, and will be criticized to death but i just want to inspire some thinking and life into this site! Post away if you agree with ones of these options! or maybe a minor change or improvement, or maybe your own option! Opinions needed!


Reader Submitted

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