The Good, The Bad, and The Free Agents

With all the excitement of my Mom's birthday, my Dad's birthday, my vacation coming up, my buying FIFA 2010 World Cup for my XBOX, and Rumors that Matt Carroll might answer my fanmail, i've forgotten one thing...


IT'S JULY 1ST!!!!! Free Agent time!!!

Hey Guys. Really fast, I'd like to open with a few players we had talked about getting, but we might or might not.

Before you question my credibility, these are all thanks to Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears, as I've collected their thoughts over a wide range of websites.

Brandon Haywood appears to be meeting with several teams in Charlotte soon, teams that are looking to sign him include the Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets, Chicago Bulls, and the New Jersey Nets. Also, of course Dallas is talking to him as Rick Carslile is making the trip. Haywood's party has not made any announcements of leaning towards any team, but it is believed he will resign with Dallas if a good contract is offered, because Dallas offers the best Many minutes/being on a good team ratio.

Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk arrives back from his usual midsummer trip to Germany. Upon arrival Don Nelson of the Dallas Mavericks appears to be meeting with him about resigning. I found this quote via Yahoo! Sports from a close source to Dirk Nowitzki “I’d say the chances of him leaving are slim to none. Dirk is a loyal guy. He and Mark Cuban are as close as they come. It would be shocking if he talked to other teams.” Dirk appears to just be looking to cash in with the new collective bargaining agreement, and re wanted a new contract drawn out. Speculations that he will take a paycut to bring in a Free Agent as reported to be NOT TRUE as opposed to what was commonly believed earlier this year. Not saying it's for sure, but it looks to be a no. This may be obvious, but a few out there still believe he will so i thought i'd mention it.

Joe Johnson-Almost a lock to resign with the Atlanta Hawks, as talks between the two parties started strictly at 12:00 and it appears Atlanta has offered him a max contract, a contract that seems to be all but signed. Joe is not a lock either, as he is meeting with a few GM's in the upcoming days to view possible sign and trade options. It is expected he will accept the max offer soon, but don't count it out that Joe could spend next year in a different jersey. Mark Cuban looks to be very "Determined" to work something out to bring the All star guard here. If successful, Caron Butler or Shaun Marion will most likely be involved the sign and trade deal.

Raymond Felton-I haven't heard much talk about him. I think it's dumb seeing as be have Jason Kidd and Roddy B. But Sources say Dallas has made contacts to Felton, possibly as a high minute backup guard to Kidd so he and Roddy can be a 1-2 punch off the bench. I don't see him coming here, but i thought it wouldnt hurt to mention his name since Dallas has talked with him. Mind you, this could be the reason/way Jason Terry leaves the organization.

Chris Bosh-Even though he has made numerous claims to NOT want to play power forward, Dallas is one of the teams the Raptors seem to be in talks with for a sign and trade. I'm not sure how true this is, but again, im posting it for those who wanted to know. This is a long shot, and he may not be the best fit in Dallas, but im simply reporting the news, its up to you guys to discuss it.

David Lee-Lee is mainly looking at a resign, or to be moved to Heat, Timberwolves or Bulls, but the Mavericks were mentioned in passing as a possible candidate to bring in David Lee. A longshot, maybe not the best fit, but this is one of the pieces Dallas is at least glancing at

Lebron James-Ahh yes, Lebron. Lebron is a longshot to leave the Cavaliers. As much as people are looking at him it appears the Cavs are unwilling to exercise a Sign and Trade for Lebron. Lebron's main teams lie in the Knicks, Heat, Bulls and Cavs, but one of the teams with a chance is well, of course, Dallas. Dallas is a more popular attraction than believed. With the thoughts of playing alongside Kidd and Dirk, and with an owned like Mark Cuban and the Cowboys next door, James could play in Dallas. Sources close to Lebron james claim the biggest chacne is staying in Cleveland. However, if he does not, the Nets are a slim to none chance due to their inability to contend, the Bulls seem a healthy option, as do the Heat if they can attract the big 3, but Dallas should not be ruled out because some sources say that if the worst comes, and the Cavaliers are sure Lebron will leave and do a sign and trade to salvage something, they would not ship him to the Bulls because they're in the same division. Thsi is where Dallas comes in, as without a doubt Dallas is the Best candidate for him in the Western Conference.


I will do more digging, but this is all i could come up at of 1 PM on the first day haha. I hope i provided a good taste for you guys. All of these rumors are from ESPN, Yahoo!, NBA sports, Local news (i.e. Dallas news, cleveland news, atlanta news) and from blogs around the internet(Professional blogs with paid contributors, not SB Nation blogs or nonpopular ones)

If anyone feels some of the rumors are untrue, please do not pick your bone with me. I am simply bringing the news here to Mavericks fans. If you feel something is not right, simply ignore it! Enjoy, and please, lets get thsi conversation flowing!!



Reader Submitted

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