CP3- "New Orleans is for me!"

Okay. So I made up that quote to fit the Title.

As many of you already know, Chris Paul will allegedly remain in New Orleans for the upcoming season.

But this is a Dallas Mavericks blog, so outside of a wacky trade, what does this mean for us? Well, I guess you'll have to make it past "The Jump" to find out. Be careful, don't trip!

It's Monday. And as many of you already know Chris Paul will remain in New Orleans. At least this is what Hornets General Manager Dell Demps claims after the meeting with Paul, which lasted about 90 minutes according to sources.

Below is the real quote from Chris Paul concerning the Hornets and the current situation up there.

"I expressed my desire to win and I like what they said about the direction that they want to take the team. I have been a Hornet my entire career and I hope to represent the city of New Orleans and state of Louisiana for many years to come."

Sounds like the young player is determined to bring a ring to New Orleans, however, I'm not buying it.

Chris Paul will remain a Hornet for at least 2 seasons. By staying with the Hornets, I think this spells trouble for Dallas. While it may be a move that could be overlooked because the 90 minute meeting didn't have an ESPN Special, it is an important one for all teams. Here's what it means for Dallas.

We NEED to step up our contention. This move means the window is getting a lot smaller, a lot faster! Why? Oh, let me tell you!

1.This means Paul likes the direction the Hornets are heading. For him to stay means the Hornets are cooking up something. This does not mean they will necessarily contend next year. But it does mean they will challenge the Mavs inner-division for wins, and don't forget it does not take a team more talented than us to win, just a team that's currently hot. See: The 2010 Playoffs.

2.This could mean the deal sending Paul to the Knicks is getting serious. Why you ask? Because If Chris Paul wanted to realistically go to this team, he would stay with the Hornets. Since the Knicks didn't have enough to offer New Orleans to make a serious offer this year (key words: this year) Paul couldn't go to Orlando or come here. He wouldn't come here only to plan to leave next year. That would absolutely tarnish anything he'd ever built up. Since he stays in New Orleans, I think it could, just could, mean that he is serious about going to New York and is giving them one more year to, well, "Get their stuff together" and offer a good trade to New Orleans to form their own trio of Paul, Anthony, and Amare.

Now while only one of these scenarios could be true, maybe even none, one thing can be guaranteed. By Chris Paul staying in New Orleans, something is cooking somewhere. And the wafting smell coming from that kitchen is leaving one thought in my head. If Dallas wants to win, we need to do it NOW. No more next year. Other teams are younger than we are, AND are making bigger moves than we are. It's time to stop forging an illusion of contention and have a serious run in the Playoffs. I would rather admit rebuilding and have an excuse to lose games rather than go 50 wins and an early exit, get older, and get no high draft picks.

Now, as always,


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