Mavs roster 2010-11 and beyond.

With the Mavs roster mostly set, us Mavs fans must analyze the position our Mavs are in, in terms of contracts as well as position in the Western Conference. After the jump, we will see the future certain players have on the Mavs, and upgrades that are needed.

With the Dallas Mavericks winning 55 games and the Southwest division title, things were looking good for Dallas. In the playoffs, however, The Mavs got bounced in 6 games. Roster upgrades with the DUST chip, and the head of Rick Carlisle, were being called for on the blog. However, no major roster changes, except one trade, occured. Examining the positions is a need to see what the roster needs to improve, and what is good.

PG: Jason Kidd, J.J Barea, Roddy B. While many Mavs fans, including myself, wanting to see J.J sent packing, the Mavs FO decided to keep him. It's a good thing, since Roddy is injured. While this line up will do for 2010-11, training Roddy needs to be the top priority. Garbage time is not acceptable for him, he needs to get significant on-court time. Nick Calathes also should come after 2011, once his contract finishes. J.J, it has been some years with the Mavs, but your time has come to go. Hopefully, the roster after this season will look like:Jason Kidd, Rodrique Beaubois, Nick Calathes.

SG: Butler will be focused, or at least should be, since he is on a contract year. Jason Terry will be the Mavs 6th man, and I hope the Mavs put him to instruct our newest pick, Dominique Jones. DoJo will be a great asset, and while he will see mostly garbage time or the D-League, it will help him once Butler and DeShawn Stevenson become FA's (I don't expect Stevenson to play unless injuries hit the SG position). I see Butler taking off to back up Wade, and is the reason for him saying the Heat will win 73 games (which they won't). SG after 2011: JET, DoJo,???.

SF: Marion did an okay job with holding down this position.  Marion should be able to get used to the positions DAL puts him in, because it feels that he is out of rotations at times. Butler is going to have to cover once Marion needs a breather, however, since the Mavs have no real back up SF.No worthy back ups are in the market. SF after 2011: Marion, ???.

PF: Our lovable Dirk Nowitzki, always strong as ever. Resigned to a 4 year contract, it looks like he will retire with the Mavs, and will have his jersey hang from the rafters.  Tim Thomas is going to be the back up PF. Thomas did well for the few minutes he played, even giving the Mavs the boost to beat Cleveland without Dirk. However, Thomas isn't our long term solution, and a new back up PF is needed. One drafted with our 2011 pick could be they key for the PF to gain training from Dirk. PF after 2011: Dirk, ???.

C: What was once the Mavs weak spot now is covered with more centers than we need, with Ian Mahinmi, Alexis Ajinca, and Tyson Chandler coming to Dallas. Brendan Haywood was also resigned. A team neaar the deadline will most likely take Ajinca, Stevenson, and cash to cover their salary for tax relief will most likely occur. If Chandler plays well, we should sign him. C in 2011: Haywood, Chandler.

After the analysis, the roster looks like:

PG: Kidd, Roddy, Calathes

SG: Jet, Dojo

SF: Marion,???

PF: Dirk,???

C: Haywood, Chandler. Mahinmi will be waived, since his second year is unguarenteed.

2011 Draft pick 1st, 2nd

These players, plus the resigning of Chandler in a 3 year, $20 Million deal, as well as Calathes at the rookie wage($490,000).l would put us at $63,041,365 or about $8 Million under the luxury tax. We will need to sign 4 more players, so lets say DAL signs its picks. 2 more people will have to be signed. I want those two to be Carl Landry, a PF  for Sacramento, and Josh Howard. Yes, Josh may not be the best example to have, but he will come back to his loyal fanbase. Hopefully we can work out a sign and trade with WAS for a contract.

Roster after 2011 moves:

PG: Kidd, Roddy, Calathes

SG: Jet, Dojo

SF: Marion,Howard

PF: Dirk,Landry

C: Haywood, Chandler

2011 picks.

This team can dominate the West, and will have Kidd and JET expiring. LJ, if you do read this, can I be an editor. I love posting articles on trades, and can be that guy. I also can cover games if needed. Thanks for reading Mavs fans, and post your Mavs roster of 2011-12. MFFL!

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