Playing through an Injury

Okay. I'll try to keep this short and have the conversation in the comments, but I seriously doubt that will happen..

Reading and seeing people mention Injuries, and players fighting through them to be great, makes me wonder something.

Why do people give so much credit to players when they play through an injury? I understand the whole, "Oh they're going through a rough time and sticking it out for their team"

Uhm, I'm calling bullshit. Athletes in general are selfish. If they're back on the field/court its because a doctor has cleared them. If the doctor says "You can play, but you run a decent risk of reinjuring it, and maybe losing your knee the way it is forever" That player will stay the F away from any kind of action. I am a strong believer that if they're playing, it's because theyre no less than 85%. Which is great if you can fight through it for your team. Don't get me wrong, It is fantastic when a player plays through an injury. Give them slight praise and props, and leave it at that. They don't deserve monumental attention. Another reason this makes me mad is because this benefits the idiot players in the league. There's a fine line between brave and plain stupid. Players that are hurt(i.e. always playing through injuries) are the stupid ones. barreling into 6'7 250 pound guys has nothing noble about it. This is just stupid because you have more value to your team than a Touchdown, or and And-1 layup.

This was mainly sparked months ago, when Ginobili was treated like teh second coming of christ for playing through his broken nose. Sure he deserves props, I'm sure it hurt very much and i applaud him for playing. But they didn't have to mention it every 15 seconds on TV. he's tough, he's not God.(Sorry to get religious)

Lastly, this takes away from players that take care of themselves. Part of a sport is knowing your body is your ticket. The players that avoid dangerous play are not wimps. They're the smart ones. These players seem bad in the eyes of sports fans that think "hey, if you dont play tough youre a wimp!" You may be thinking, Karim, cool it, people that think like that are idiots. That's true, but don't forget 1/4th of people in this world are idiots, if not more, hell I'm probably one of them.

I like guys Like Peyton Manning, Dirk, Rooney. Guys that don't try to be brave and always get hurt. A sport is more than being athletic. It takes intelligence. And players that are physically gifted and stupid that always get hurt should not be treated like Saints for being able to take a pain-shot in the locker room and grinding through a few more hours of game.


DAHH. Got it all out. Opinions? Am i a vile, crude jerk? Or do i have a point?

Reader Submitted

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