Why a Trade would kill us.

Hey guys. After the jump I'll explain why I truly believe this season is all but done.

No, not because Dirk is out, or because we have lost Butler for the season. No, no, that would be too simple. This season is over because we have shown no hope towards us as a basketball team.

Go ahead and jump. Let's see if you agree or if I'm a complete maniac. Which is very likely.

     This season is over. We have lost. Lets throw in the towel. Like earlier stated, this is not because of the injuries we have experienced, but because of our lack of unity as a team.

     The problem with the Dallas Mavericks is in our Front Office. Don Nelson, after spending years to build a great team is once again in danger of throwing our season away. With the team he built this year, he is excused for the mistakes he has made. Instead of staying on my good side, Don Nelson has once again involved the Dallas Mavericks into mid season trade rumors. Yes. These trade rumors will be the death of us.

     Don't get me wrong, I'm no pessimist, I am being a realist. This season is only over if we believe it to be. By considering trades, we are throwing in the towel. Trades will do nothing for us. Not if we get Carmelo Anthony, not if we get Devin Harris. Mid season trades never succeed in Championships. That being said, I assume some will try to flock me with stats of teams that have won with mid season trades. Do consider the small percentage, and consider how small those trades were. Blockbuster trades that involve players that will play 25+ minutes never work. Unless the deal is 1 sided, mind you(Like the Lakers-Grizzlies trade). Before any hopes are risen, realize that season the Grizzlies were the desperate team, so they agreed to a terrible trade. This year, we would be the panic-ridden team. So expect us to get the raw side of the deal.

     Consider what we have done. We have thrived because we have finally kept the same team. Chemistry has built. Relationships have grown, and trust has been developed. This is what fuels us. The loss of Caron and Dirk have hurt us, but not any more than we are hurting ourselves. With the long awaited return of Beaubois being around the corner, this is the time we need to shut off all television sets and get back to the gym. This team can still win. This team can still contend. Who can't contend? The Dallas Mavericks, if we make a trade. Worse than making a trade is what we are doing. Talking about trades. Letting it be known publicly that we are freaking out. It is killing our confidence, and our players must feel like the entire world is saying "You can't get it done." Our team is being shattered, and right now we are the hammer.

     Look at our team. Terry, Kidd, Nowitzki, these guys are not getting younger. We need to get it done now. The only trade I'd be okay with is a trade that would make us better in the future, because instant-benefit trades never work. However, if we make a trade that will pay dividends in a few years, it will be too late. I'm tired of this. This is a point we don't need to reach anymore. We do NOT need more mid-season trades. Let this team build! Let this team progress and conquer these mountains on our own!

     Let us look at these injuries like a blessing in disguise. This is a time to bond, and for players to step up. With the recent losses, it is safe to say we are falling off of most radars once again. This is not a terrible thing. The most recent time teams wrote us off, we got off to a 25-5 start. We are too old for a midseason trade. We will lose all sense of chemistry. We will throw this season away.

     A trade is not what we need. I have been preaching the uselessness of a midseason trade since I was born. They are terrible and will kill our team. It takes players to mesh together. (Sorry for saying this Lisa) It has Taken Kidd 3 years to finally produce the kind of year we expected him to. This year is the first year I can say I'm truly, 100% happy we have Kidd over Harris. Butler finally starting showing signs of his old self this year, Stevenson can finally hit 3's and play defense, and Haywood, well, Haywood is.. uhh.. Haywood! /yay

      If we make a trade, or even keep talking about it to draw attention to us like some sort of circus, we will lost everything. We might as well just trade away everyone and begin to build for a championship in 2015-2016. Let our team bond, and let us build. Don't forget what will happen next year. The Lakers will be back, that's if they don't start clicking this May. The Heat will click as well, and when that happens it will be scary. The Thunder are getting better by the minute, and other teams will build and build. If anything, if we bond together this year, we might be able to do what we did this year next. Look at the Spurs and Celtics, they have truly proven age is but a number.

Now, as always,


PS: I know it is a long ways away, but does anyone know if Dirk is going to play Wednesday against the Lakers? I really hope I don't have to see my first ever game in the AA Center Dirk-less in Seattle.

Reader Submitted

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