Why a Trade wouldn't Kill us...the Flip side...

KarimTheDream poses an interesting question....Why make a Trade at the Deadline? This Team obviously is good enough to compete with the best in the league(assuming Dirk is Playing more than 16 min a game), the players are buying into Carlisle's philosophy,(well most of them at least) and until recently were running neck and neck with the Spurs for the Best record in the League. So why change anything?  For one Simple Reason....that Team doesn't exist anymore. 

Caron Butler is out for the Year, Dirk is still getting back in shape and Terry is frankly being Terry again. Brendon Haywood has been a HUGE disappointment, not to mention JJ Berea, while continuing to be a Defensive liability, seems to have lost the ability to consistently score. Also add to the fact that there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight on the Roddy front (yes I understand that he wasn't part of the team earlier,but still there was hope that he would have joined by now). 

Yet even with all that it is not all gloom and doom. Dominique Jones seems to be Roddy 2.0, Stevenson has turned it on the past few games, along with Marion, plus we all know what Chandler has done. Dirk will get back to being Dirk, and Terry has always been streaky. Let us not Forget that Ajinca and Mahinmi both seem to be pretty good players. Yet there is something missing, the same thing that has been missing for the past few years. That second scorer. That player that teams who play Dallas HAVE to account for. The Player that says "Go ahead and double team  Dirk, that means that I will take over." Butler was almost that person, avg. a solid 15 points a game, while giving Dallas a decent perimeter defender. How do you replace that? That is Donnie and Carlisle's task now. Signing Sasha Pavlovic is not the answer. Dallas needs a player that not only can be a good Defender, but be an Offensive Force. Here are my Suggestions on the Subject:

Scenario #1-76er's

Dallas Gets Andre Igoudala and Elton Brand

76er's get Jason Terry,Caron Butler, Brendon Haywood: 1 first round pick

This Trade helps both Teams in that A. the 76ers get an expiring contract in Butler, a cheaper replacement for Brand, and Terry who can help short term wise replace Iggy.

Dallas Receives a Premier SG/SF in Andre, plus Brand who while over payed would be a great compliment to Chandler and Dirk. the way I see it Brand would be what Lamar Odom is for the Lakers. A Backup that is more than capable of stepping into a starting role if need be. the Main question would be Where would Their Minutes come from? Obviously Andre's would come from Terry's and Butler's Minutes. Brand's Would be the interesting one. Haywood is avg about 19 mins a game while Brand is avg. 34 mins. Where do you make up the other mins? well not only would he back up Chandler but Brand would get 10-15 mins backing up Dirk. That would put him right around the 30 min mark(starters mins) while still allowing Dirk and Chandler get their mins. 

Scenario #2- Indiana Pacers

Dallas gets Danny Granger

Pacers get Caron Butler and Ian Mahinmi; 2 first round picks

Pacers not only get an expiring contract in Butler(which will give them 38+ million in expiring contracts) but would give them another young Center to pair with Hibbert who will be thier only C under contract after this year. 

Dallas gets a younger Caron Butler basically, though slightly better defensively.

Now I could think of a few more, however I will leave you with my dream Scenario:

only in my dreams-(click here)

do I need to Explain this?

Reader Submitted

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