2011-2012 Dallas Mavericks Lineups V2.0

Well the Roster is at 15, as far as I can figure out. So if Dallas doesn't make any more moves, We can take a gander at some possible Lineups that may or may not happen.

So Here is the current Mavericks Roster:

Mavericks Roster

2011-12 Roster
Vince Carter F-G 6-6 220 01/26/1977 North Carolina 13
35 Brian Cardinal F 6-8 240 05/02/1977 Purdue 11
33 Brendan Haywood C 7-0 263 11/27/1979 North Carolina 10
20 Dominique Jones G 6-5 215 10/15/1988 South Florida 1
2 Jason Kidd G 6-4 210 03/23/1973 California 17
28 Ian Mahinmi C 6-11 230 11/05/1986 Rouen, France 3
0 Shawn Marion F 6-7 228 05/07/1978 UNLV 12
Drew Neitzel G 6-0 180 05/07/1985 Michigan State R
41 Dirk Nowitzki F 7-0 245 06/19/1978 Wurzburg, Germany 13
Lamar Odom F 6-10 230 11/06/1979 Rhode Island 11
Andy Rautins G 6-4 190 11/02/1986 Syracuse R
31 Jason Terry G 6-2 180 09/15/1977 Arizona 12
Delonte West G 6-3 180 07/26/1983 Saint Joseph's 7
Brandan Wright F 6-10 210 10/05/1987 North Carolina 3
3 Rodrigue Beaubois G 6-2 185 02/24/1988 Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe 2

Now from What I understand Dallas was planning on Waiving Rautins and I am not sure about their plan for Neitzel, however this is the current 15 man roster according to So I will be using this as the basis for my post. As any changes happen I will update and Edit this post to reflect any changes. So lets get down to business:

So lets start out with the "Standard lineup". As we all know, Carlise tends to be matchup driven in his starting line up, However this is what I think Dallas will start out with on most nights(Starters listed first):

PG-Kidd, West, Beaubois

SG- Carter, Terry, Jones

SF- Odom, Marion, Carter

PF- Dirk, Odom, Cardinal

Center- Haywood, Mahinmi, Wright

Now the interesting about this line up is the starting 6-4 Kidd is the shortest member of this lineup. I think we will see this lineup against teams like Orlando, that don't have great perimeter players.

Now for teams that do have great perimeter play, but tend to be weak "in the paint" you may see this line up:

PG-Kidd, Beaubois

SG-West, Terry, Jones

SF- Marion, Carter, Wright

PF-Odom, Mahinmi,

C-Dirk, Haywood

the idea behind this line up is to get the better defenders out on the floor to start the game, without sacrificing Dirk's offensive capabilities.

Now of course it wouldn't be a Carlise Team if it didn't have a "3 guard lineup" so here is the "big" 3 guard




PF- Dirk

C- Haywood

the nice thing about this line up is that with West being a decent defender, you aren't sacrificing defense to use this. While it is true that Carter and Dirk aren't exactly known for their Defensive Prowess, they should be adequate enough that we might see this line up on a regular basis.

NOw if Dallas wanted to "go Small" they can do this;

PG- Beaubois



PF- Wright


the Idea behind this Lineup would be that Dallas is Sacrificing Size for speed, Obviously....

NOw I know that a lot of You all are concerned about Dallas' "youth" Well Here is the "young guns" Line up

PG- Beaubois, Neitzel

SG- Rautins

SF- Jones



Now of Course I know that DoJo is a Guard, However at ~6-5 he could possibly play at the SF position as an undersized SF....Similar to Marion at the PF position I would like Dallas to try and find another young Player for the PF position which would allow Wright to move to the SF position, and Jones to move back to the SG the likelyhood that Dallas actually uses this line up? About the same chance of me winning the lottery....but then I have said that before.....

As Always I welcome an comments or Critiques that you guys may have, so feel free to sound off on anything that may be wrong....

Reader Submitted

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