Poll: Should Harris come back?

I love that there is so much conversation on this topic. It thrills me, so I want to know what the people want.

Brian's fanshot was beautiful, yet sadly those can't have polls, not that they're his thing anyway.

So, I'd like to institute a quick poll on the topic. Being the Dallas Mavericks that we are, we normally get the raw end of deals. Since we're normally the noes pushing for a trade, and thus slightly desperate, we get the shaft. However, this time it is NJ pushing for a trade, and we're the chilled ones. This could mean that for the first time in a long time, we could come out on top of a trade.

I, as many of you know, am FULLY against anything that means changing up a team mid season, so my initial thought it that this is a terrible idea. However, I am open to say this. If we can keep Roddy, I think I'm all for it. Lets face it. We don't have that much of a future. We need to win now. I am okay with giving up several picks, Dojo, and possibly JJ or Haywood.



JJ Barea has been playing outstanding basketball lately. Now, if ever, his trade value is high. If we can execute a trade that primarily is JJ for Harris(There will be picks and some scraps involved) you guys must seriously consider going for it.

For all of you that are thinking "There is no need to change this team up" realize you're preaching to the choir. I am all for keeping teams united. But if we can get a sweet deal for Harris, imagine... just imagine. Kidd/Harris/Marion(Or Stevenson)/Dirk/Chandler, with Roddy/Terry/Stevenson(or Marion)/Haywood on the bench.

About that last lineup, do realize 2 things.

1)Butler is not in the picture. If they are willing to take him, so be it. The time is now. I love Caron. A lot. But I love championships more.

2)Don't think I'm so naive that I don't realize this will probably not happen, as probably Marion or Haywood will have to go. This is sort of a dream situation.


Now, as always,


PS:For all you haters, yes I do realize that it will be tough to pull off a trade and keep Roddy. But just remember this. It is easy to forget as Mavericks fans, because we are always the ones getting shafted. Since THEY are pushing for a trade, we can get away with a lob sided deal. If we throw in some picks and Dojo(tools for the future) they are soon to bite. They're not dumb. They know they won't win in the next 5 years. So lets help them build for the future, while strengthening ourselves now!

Reader Submitted

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