Have we learned nothing?

This post is mainly to once again, for the 20th time, show my outrage at the acquisition of one Peja. What this move shows me is that once again, the Mavericks organization is proving they are incapable of learning.

Peja represents everything we used to be. He represents everything we are in years of playoff disappointment. I have said time and again we don't need the guy. He is a shoot first player who is incapable of playing defense. Moreover, he is old now. The Peja of old, the one in our battles with the Kings in the early 200's, or heck even the guy that helped NO knock us out of the playoffs in 07' would be nice. However, he is not even that yet. He is not what he used to be. He is an inconsistent shooter, and not worthy of minutes on the floor.

For years now I have been morbidly against all mid season acquisitions and trades. I just recently warmed up to Kidd, and the Butler/Haywood trade didn't show any good dividends until this year. Mid season acquisitions are nice to get some wins. Not a ring. I can not think of a single NBA team(If there any, please state them.. Please) that made a roster change midway through the season and won the Championship that year. When I say a move, I mean some change in which about 15-20 minutes a game were altered.

The loss of Caron was tough, but guess what? Overcoming challenges such as these is what enables teams to win rings. Bonding. That is what we need. Instead, we turn to a pathetic has-been and all of a sudden we are set back 3 more years. We have learned nothing. Because of that, we will be nothing. That is why I am already readying myself for a playoff exit. No ring this year boys(and Lisa). We had just gotten our mojo back. The loss of Caron was becoming something we had climbed over and survived. Now though, we have this guy. I can not even put into words the anger I have over his acquisition.

Don't be mistaken. The guy will have his nights. He will have 20 point nights, or nights where he goes 5/7 from 3's. However, in the long run, he will slowly screw us up, or colossally in an important game. You know what he is? He is a poor man's Jason Terry. They are both very inconsistent pull up shooters that don't D up. The difference? For starters, JET has been here. He has respect. He knows the team. Also, Jet is a main option in the 4th quarter, and one of the best in the entire NBA. Let me continue. When JET goes off, he can really win a game for us. While he is inconsistent, when he has one of his "on" games though, he can score 12 points in a quarter(hypothetically, mind you), or better. Also, Terry might play bad Defense, but he normally guards pointguards. The PG position is one where most players are pass first players, and jumpshooters. It is not difficult to defend that. Thus, Terry rarely gets torched. Peja on the other hand, will guard 3 and 4's. You will see. This season, he will get eaten alive on defense.

With Roddy waiting to come back, this will only create minute issues and heaven forbid a power struggle. After all, in my eyes, Roddy is higher than Peja in the Dallas Mavericks food chain.

This post was just to show you guys, again, that this move was stupid. To be honest there is a lot more I can say about this topic, but meh, I'm tired. I'll just voice the rest of my thoughts on the comment section, if one even develops.

Now as always,


Except for you Peja. Piss off.

Reader Submitted

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