March 27-April 2 OT Thread: Robot Edition

Here is a list of robots that I prefer over the one currently running this team.  In no particular order:

Yellow Lion/Voltron (technically not a robot, but whatever)


Yellow is my favorite color so that particular lion is the obvious choice.  Voltron was one of my favorite cartoons growing up.  I can still recite the formation sequence, but I will spare you all...


Sektor/Cyrax from Mortal Kombat 3 (they are probably cyborgs, if you want to get all technical)


These guys were awesome and I would always annoy the shit out of anyone who played me whenever I picked one of these two since I would keep repeating the same moves: Sektor's homing missiles and Cyrax's net + bombs combo.  A win is a win...


Bumblebee/Soundwave/Dinobot from Transformers




My childhood right here...I used to watch Beast Wars religiously every morning before school.  The CGI was so groundbreaking back then.




No explanation necessary


Rosie from The Jetsons


This sassy bitch ran that household


The Iron Giant


This movie makes me cry :(


M-O from WALL-E


So cute!




I want one




Walking through flames like a of the best movie villains


Crow and Tom Servo from MST3K


Their snark helped me appreciate bad movies


Gundam Heavyarms (upgraded version) 


Again, probably not really a robot, but too cool not to mention, I suppose.  Gundam Wing was one of my favorites and this Gundam suit is piloted by Trowa Barton, the stoic, emo-haired assassin masquerading as a circus clown.

Feel free to talk about how awesome I am your favorite robots in the comments.

Boop beep beep boop (this translates to "Images via Google")

Reader Submitted

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