Western Conference Finals Preview

So, I've been creeping on this website for a while now, I've occasionally commented on some topics, now it's time for me to create a 2 part fanpost I think. So in this first fanpost I will be comparing the matchups between the Mavericks and the Seattle Supersonics. I will start off with a background paragraph of the team and then do matchup comparisons.


The Seattle Supersonics

The Sonics have been on a very good role coming into the postseason. They dominated The Nuggets in the first round 4-1 in the series. Offensively The Sonics were on, boosting their PPG by 3 by increasing their 102 PPG to 105 PPG. Defensively though, The Sonics held the top scoring Nuggets regular season team to only 97 PPG versus 108 PPG in the Regular season which is a HUGE 11 point difference. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook did their thing against The Nuggets averaging a combined 57 PPG 12 RPG and 10 APG between the two of them. Also on defense Serge Ibaka did his best Olajuwon impression averaging almost 5 Blocked Shots and 11 Rebounds per game in the series.

Going into the Second Round The Sonics have been grudging it out with the Grizzlies so far. Their defense hasn't faired them that weel through this series though, The Grizz have increased their scoring average by 10 points from the regular season in this series from 100 to 110 PPG. The Grizz haven't played such great defense either though, The Sonics have increased their PPG from the regular season by 7, 102 PPG to 109 PPG. Once again in this round Durant and Westbrook are carrying their teams through this series, increasing their previous combined totals. In this series they average 58 PPG 15 RPG and 10 APG (which isn't an increase). Serge Ibaka though has declined a slight bit in this series, his rebound totals are down by 4 RPG but his blocks have been steady at 5 BPG. The knight in shining armour though has been James Harden who has shown up this series averaging 15 PPG in the series.



Point Guards:

Jason Kidd vs Russell Westbrook

Jason Kidd right now is a good point guard. Russell right now is a great point guard. Jason Kidd is known as an all around good point guard, and he has been averaging 10 PPG 4 RPG and 7 APG and has had a good shot from range this post season. BUT Russell has been even better. Russel has averaged 26 PPG, 6 RPG, and 7 APG this postseason. Defensively, Kidd has his money worth defending Russel for 48 minutes, can he do it? I hope so, he did extremely well on Kobe, but that wasn't for the whole time when he was on the court. Kidd is good, he's going to be consistenly good no matter what, but Russell can go off for 40 easily.

Edge: Russell

Shooting Guards:

Jason Terry vs James Harden

They're both sixth men, but they are pretty much starters on other teams. Jason and James are both not so great defenders, but that's not what they're out there for. They're out there for scoring, and both of these guys can score. Harden has averaged 12 PPG 5 RPG and 3 APG on .412% from the field and .256% from behind the arc. That's pretty good for his role on the team. However, Jason Terry has been lights out this postseason. He's averaged 18 PPG 2 RPG and 4 APG on .524% from the field and .500% from Jimmer Range. That's disgusting.

Edge: No doubt Terry

Small Forwards:

Shawn Marion vs Kevin Durant

Kevin is Kevin. Shawn is Shawn. Shawn would need to go back to being his Phoenix Suns self if he wants even a slight chance to get this edge I think. There's nothing I can really say, 31 PPG vs 10 PPG, 8 RPG vs 6.5 RPG, and 3 APG vs 2 APG. Not even close. All we can hope for is Shawn doesn't let Durant go off for 50.

Edge: Durantulla

Power Forwards:

Dirk Nowitzki vs Serge Ibaka

Dirk Nowitzki has been as on fire as a Rammstein concert. During the regular season Dirk had the best percentage and was most efficient vs Serge Ibaka. So much for his great defence right? Dirk has averaged 27 PPG and 8.5 RPG this post season while Ibaka has averaged 11 PPG and 9 RPG and 5 BPG. Dirk is going to have his hands full, he's going to need to never quit on the play, he has to box out on every shot and rebound well. But just like Shawn Marion and Jason Kidd, Ibaka is trying to make sure Dirk doesn't drop 40 on him.

Edge: The Big German


Tyson Chandler vs Kendrick Perkins

This one is interesting, it's a fight between 2 defensive and rebounding centers. It's going to be both their jobs to try to stay out of foul trouble and lead their teams defense. Chandler has averaged 7 PPG and 9 RPG while Kendrick has averaged 5 PPG and 7 RPG, but you can't see Perkin's value by statistics, you have to watch him and see what he means for this Thunder team just like you do Chandler. They're both great at what they do, and it's going to be both their jobs to stay out of foul trouble.

Edge: Even


Deshawn Stevenson, JJ Barea, Peja, Brian Cardinal, Brendan Haywood, and Brewer vs Nick Collisson, Daquan Cook, Eric Maynor, Nazir Mohammed, and Thabo Sefolosha.

You don't see very many benches score 86 PPG.

Edge: Mavericks


Hope you like it! The Grizzly version will be up sometime Thursday or Friday.


Forgot to put a jump..I'm sorry.

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