Storylines and Plot Points

I think yahoo already has started with Jason Terry's knowledge of NBA history and there's a debate in ESPN on who needs the trophy more (Lebron or Dirk.) I don't want to include Miller's baby. that is so sad and personal. And because I have a kid too. What are other storylines you can come up with/or you expect the media to churn out/or you wish to happen. No disrespect to the Bulls but I can't seem to think of any story on a Bulls Mavs Finals unless this is the 90s. Here is my list. What's yours? And please don't take it seriously. FINALS 2011 baby!

1. Wizards Cavaliers all over again. Deshawn, Haywood, Caron versus Lebron and Big Z.

2. Caron Butler makes a Brandon Roy return from injury performance. And Roddy too.

3. Bibby versus Stojakovic.

4. Marion: the former Heat player. Wait, he was?

5. Bosh, the Texas native who doesn't want to play for Dallas.

6. Cuban and Lebron summer talks.

7. Texas office's plans of parade in 06 = Heat's celebration of multiple championships at the beginning of season. Major Karma.

8. Mavs magical run ends in sadness. Terry covers up his tat with a biomechanical design. Deshawn puts on an Obama tat. But Kidd and Dirk gets respect. Inducted to the HOF a week later.

9. Dirk makes a Jordan vs Russel buzzer beater, wins trophy. Heat loses. Crygate part 2.

10. Heat wins but during the awarding Tim Donaghy's face appears on the screen ala V for Vendetta/Inglorious Basterds. Burns down the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Apparently he was right.

11. FBI investigates on David Stern after number 10 incident.

12. Mark Cuban will release a fan only DVD release and docu of this year's playoffs. From Game 4 in portland, the LA sweep, the Epic comeback.

13. Erick Dampier suddenly turns out to be a Mavs spy. He either blocks a wade dunk or passes ball to dirk.

14. The world did end last week. We are all in purgatory. Just like in the LOST finale. Ghosts were playing all the time.

15. Haywood channels his inner Bynum, breaks Wade's ribs.

16. Carlisle reveals in locker room speech that he really is Jim Carey and that they've all been rickrolled.

17. Pantera hires a session guitarist to replace DImebag. Stages a concert in Texas. Fans go wild. Destroys Miami Team Bus.

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