Can you believe this guy?

Here are some excerpts from the latest post of Adrian Wojnarowski! 


About Lebron James: 

Perhaps only one player has been his peer in these playoffs, and it’s Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.

This time, Nowitzki awaits Miami with better teammates, a better coach, and a better blueprint for championship basketball. He’s been the best scorer in these playoffs, but James has been the best player. His best basketball has come in the biggest moments, and his defense on Rose to end Game 5 was spectacular again.

As if that comeback in game 4 happens every day! Guess it wasn't a sufficiently big moment for Woj. 


He then goes on to bitch about the way Cuban handled that loss. 

Cuban tried to make Nowitzki his 1A star this summer, but James wanted South Beach over South Fork. For them, there’s a measure of redemption that comes with meeting the Heat again. Cuban was an ungracious loser five years ago, and should’ve watched the way Nowitzki handled the meltdown to Miami. Dirk’s regret was over his own performance, never the officiating.


For someone bitching about Cuban's "Prophecy", he sure does a lot of foretelling: 

For the rest of the NBA, for those who want to see the Heat fail, the Mavericks represent the last line of defense. Nowitzki and Jason Kidd will be the thirtysomething sentimental choices to beat Miami, but sentiment doesn’t go a long way with James, Wade and Chris Bosh barreling down onto you. Eventually, they were destined to figure out this partnership.

Cuban's "Prophecy" 

Before [Lebron James] made his decision, what I told him was, and what I told Maverick [Carter], was that no team had ever blown up their team … and then added a couple free agents and won a championship," Cuban told reporters. "It’s always taken someone coming from a good team to make it better and put them over the top.

Apparently Cuban did an I-told-you-so after we destroyed the heat in the Dallas game by saying that prophecy. Illuminates James?

The I-told-you-so out of Cuban won’t come with the Heat in these Finals, but the Dallas Mavericks. They’re a last-chance, desperate basketball franchise trying to beat back advancing age to finally raise a banner in Dallas. Nowitzki has been spectacular in these playoffs, closing games with the kind of resolve and resplendence that suddenly illuminates James.


For a long time, this guy had been bitching about Lebron and his decision. Now suddenly he seems firmly on their Bandwagon? He picks us to get swept by the blazers, then pegs us to get beat by LA in what 5 games and picks us to lose against the Thunder. Get a fucking clue Woj!

You are supposed to be an analyst. Even if you do hate Cuban/ Mavs or whoever (at it does seem like you have a problem), you are supposed to analyze impartially. Not go off barking like a rabid dog! I wish people start flaming the crap out of him on twitter. 

Reader Submitted

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