Ballad of Dallas, Limericks for Mavericks

Here's a poem on the Mavs' run in this playoffs and on the players.

There’s no thunder without lightening,
it never strikes the same place twice.
For Mavs fans clouds are brightening,
with a chance to make past wrongs right.

Harken back to 2006, when the trophy was last within their grasp.
Having a 2-0 lead, they were ready, but for an unfortunate mental lapse.
Long story short, they dropped 4 straight.
Mavs out of sorts, moped and strayed.
And Miami ports hosted a parade.

From L to R:… I've no idea

Dallas Mavericks always weren’t hip,
in 06 were licked clean, span spick.
As Mavs had the Heat at brink,
they threw brick after brick as Wade lighted Heat’s wick.

Shouldn’t throw bricks if you live in a glass house.
Ought to have some tricks, up your sleeves and blouse.
Too bad jerseys are sleeveless,
and referees blow more and see less.

But no hotheads made malice in palace of their home address.
In spite of the disparaging barrage that even haunts them to mattress at bed rest.
Wounds they caressed when harassed, had hopes miscarriage.
Sipped the bitter chalice, packed a valise and headed back to Dallas

Bitter indeed


Earlier Dirk may have been diffident and passed up shots,
Today he couldn’t be more different as he called the shots.

With a minute left and his team down two
A three he heft, when it bricked, didn’t rue.
Threw up another without batting an eye,
with no bother of the jeers and jibe.

From then on Mavs never looked back.
as we sing on of Daring Dirk Daft.
Back to the Finals he goes, with a slew of 40 point nights.
With another chance to set the past wrongs right.


Westbrook gave his all, exploding to the rim
he brooked no wall, climbed all at his whim.
Alas, his makes were sporadic, far less than misses.
Dallas played Illmatic, paying no mind to age disses.

Two time defending champs, Lakers, were the consensus pick over Dallas
Mavs odds were damped, no takers, Lakers the better team on paper addressed

However, Mavs were unfazed to charges of having their numbered days.
Swept Lakers, their way blazed, in barges shipped Lakers with lumbering pace

Speaking of blazes, the Blazers were the first to go.
Expected to go places, in blazes went their hopes.


While Dirk did close out down the stretch,
Do spare a thought for other Mavs and bench.

Look at the Dallas stallion Shawn Marion.
On the defensive end where he comes alive.
Also tied Dirk with 26 points in Game 5.
Nicknamed Matrix, lived up to his name.
Took Durant out of his game, made hook shots down in the paint.

Another old dog with new tricks helped drive the Thunder away,
Wasn’t bogged by lack of speed, against those about half his age held sway.
Nine years ago he made his way to the Finals.
Live cover he graced, played raw and primal.

An old dog, theme old school.
involved all, his team he fueled.
He stood tall, a rebounding fool.
He hit boards with a resounding crash.
Amidst hoards of giants, a move bold and brash.

You want a piece of Jason Kidd?

Dropped dimes like an old woman with moolah and torn purse,
as I drop rhymes and run circles in parabolas around this verse.
Found tight gaps, like a lady knitting a sweater.
With precision passed, threading the needle to a tether.

No you don't!

Connecting the dots you get the all time leader in triple doubles
best at picking spots, easy as parking spots for cripples no trouble.

While we are recognizing,

Jason 'Jet' Terry

Clear the runway for takeoff, the jet is coming through
Taking it higher in playoffs, one man wrecking crew.

Peja Stojakavic makes shots from deep,
Deshawn Stevenson hits and runs.
Abe Linc tattoo must make him itch.
He’s always in motion, never sojourns.
Except with Soulja.
Be up for that be night or morn.

Bring on the Heat, fight fire with fire.
one little kid, his size or lack of, inspires.
He sniffs and scurries over the fence, doesn’t hem and haw.
Lifts and carries the whole offense, leaving all slack jawed.

JJ Barea

Engines of a score of Benz, flame can’t be thawed.
Sunlight through lens can burn lawns unmowed.
In front of small spark dense proud forests bow and burn down.
Bowed to quench the hunger of this wolverine-clawed little clown.

Didn't make that up


For many owners the players are a show Truman
They never back ‘em, leave ‘em in a vacuum,
wouldn’t blink if anyone trapped and screwed them.

They would have them travel in a suitcase.
An owner passionate is seen as a fruitcake.

Of course, there are above the mess, a few men.
Who have some spirit along with business acumen.
Dallas Mavericks are the love of Mark Cuban’s life
Love that surpasses that of Paul Ruben for his bike.

Hard to believe, but true

Not everyone wronged gets a second chance.
Most go out with one swan song, last dance.
Five years after the debacle of 06 collapse,
read and weep Heat fans, this Oracle picks Dallas

Reader Submitted

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