Heat fans in denial

A few days ago, I was going through a few articles on Bleacher Report, and I bumped across this

For those you who don't really click on the links shown (I'm one of them), its basically about how people hate on the Heat for no rhyme or reason. One of the things mentioned in the article was-

There have been numerous articles chronicling the Miami Heat’s title chances. In all likelihood, these articles focus not on the team’s strong points and then their weaknesses, but instead spend 90 percent of the time blasting the team’s “problems” while offering no acknowledgement of Miami’s greatest strength: They will have the two best players on the floor in whatever series they play.

So I basically got into an argument about how Dirk is clearly playing better than at least Wade if not Lebron, and posted this reply.

They will not have the two best players in any series Dirk is miles better than at least Wade right now, probably even Lebron.Seriously,have you even seen any non-Heat games? 

Along with a bunch of stats.

Dirk had two 40+ games in the Mavs-Thunder series and averages 28.4 ppg in the playoffs with 52% from the field and 52% from 3-pt land.

Wade averages 25 ppg with 50% from the field and 31% from 3-pt land.

Seeing Advanced Metrics,Dirk has better stats than Wade in the playoffs in Offensive Rating,Defensive Rating,Net Rating,Effective Field Goal Percentage as well as True Shooting percentage.

He is absolutely murdering Wade in clutch performances(defined as the last 5 minutes of play with the margin less than 5).He's shooting 47% from the field and 67% from three, while Wade is shooting 33% and 5% respectively.

And I get this reply-

You are getting all off the point right now.

LeBron > Dirk (he plays on BOTH ends of the court not just one)

Wade > Kidd

Bosh > Marion

It really is that simple.

Wade is coming off a series where he was trapped with impunity and limited by a team that actually played defense. If Wade got wide open shots all series which the Thunder gave him for five games, Wade could score 30+ PPG too.

Plus, he still hit several big shots down the stretch against he Bulls in Game 4 and 5 and knows how to come through when the game is on the line. Are you seriously questioning Wade's clutcheness? That's laughable.

Furthermore, did you miss what Wade did in the Celtics series? He scored 30.2 PPG in the series. And since the Mavs don't play NEARLY the quality of defense that the Bulls or Celtics play, I would ecpect a breakout for him in this series.

Also, doesn't it shw who good the Heat is if Wade can struggle as much as you say and the team still win in 5? If Dirk struggled they go 7 with the Thunder. The Mavs just seem to me to be a one-man team. If you defnd Dirk effectively, they have nothing else that can beat you over a 7-game series.

Heat fans- You just can't beat 'em 

Reader Submitted

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