Time to Panic; This Series is Over.

Why bother rooting for Dallas? This series is over. The Heat are the NBA Champions once more, and once more do it over our own Dallas Mavericks. LeBron and Wade are too much for us, and we just need to face it.

The Heat are a better 3 point shooting team than we are. They will continue to hit 3's consistently and at a higher percentage than us.

The Heat bench is superior to that of the Mavericks, and will continue to out perform Dallas en route to a 2nd NBA Title.

Dirk Nowitzki has met hit match in Haslem. By defending him well in 1 game he has shown he can continue it the whole series, and Dirk will be lucky if he can score 20 again.

The Series is over. Pack your bags boys, it is not even worth playing.

Okay. I seriously hope by now you guys realize how much sarcasm is inbedded into that post. I am tired of watching ESPN and hearing this. But, it is okay. Let them talk. Not only is this series far from over, but it has just started.

Before I continue, I want everybody to realize one thing. When the gate had 1:36 left and Miami was up 6, if Dallas comes back to win, everyone talks about how we have the series in the bag. However, since the Heat won, all of a sudden they were the better team for 48 minutes. That is how stupid the Media is. They forgot to mention it was  close for 48 minutes. They forgot to mention Dallas led for a few minutes. Since the Heat won, all of a sudden they were better the entire game. Had we won, I can guarantee they laud us for our defense and containing the big 3. The fact of the matter is, it was a good contested game for 44 minutes.

Onto the other points. Please, guys, do not panic. This will not persist. If you remember a stat previously displayed on this site, Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki are both in the top 5 in 4th quarter performers. Do you really think that Terry, one of the best statistical closers is going to go scoreless in the second half again? Do you really think that JJ Barea is going to go 1/8 again? Do you seriously think that if they keep double teaming Dirk that our shooters won't find their touch? Think again.

While I acknowledge that the Heat also had their faults, we had more. We are a better 3 point shooting team, and have a better bench. The Heat won both of those categories. The Miami Heat snatched 16 offensive rebounds. Our bench shot 4/22 from the field, and Jason Terry scored 0 points in the second half. Also, the Head had more assists than we did. Not to mention that this was a defensive game with low shooting % and a lot of tough defense. Very low scoring, which is how the Heat want to play. We not only made mistakes, but we played their style of basketball the entire game. ALL of that went down(And more I'm too lazy to type), and we were still within 6 with 1:36 to go.  Am I scared? Am I panicing? Hell. No.

The Heat played a great game, yes. But Dallas had opening day jitters. If you look at stats, Dirk was 6/12 when single teamed; and went 1/6 when doubled. This means that if they continue to guard Dirk 1 on 1, he will light them up(If he can shoot 6/12 on an off-night, imagine what he'll do when he's on). Also, if they continue to double, I seriously doubt Peja, Terry, Kidd, Marion, and Barea will not be able to find their stroke.

A Big issue last night was also that Chandler was in foul trouble early and often. I'm sure videos will surface later on cheap fouls, but let me describe a few now. At one point, Chandler picked up 2 quick fouls in a matter of minutes. 1 was a bullshit offensive foul in which he sets a pick, and Haslem and him get tangled up, and Haslem purposely runs into Chandler and hangs onto him. Haslem could have gotten around him, but no, he intentionally wraps up Chandler, causes commotion, and a foul is called. A few trips down someone LeBron drives, and hammers down a very impressive dunk. Meanwhile, Chandler sees the play is over, and doesn't even jump. He lets LeBron have the dunk. What happens in mid-air? The whistle is blown and another foul for Tyson. I am NOT saying this is a ref conspiracy. I will be the first to say the refs actually had a good game. I'm just simply saying that Tyson will not pick up touch fouls like this again, and he will be on the floor more intimidating the hell out of the Heat.

Look, guys, there is more I can ramble on about, but it is pointless. This was 1 game. 1... game. Everyone sees the Mavericks of old. Soft; Scared; Lost. We know otherwise. Am I proclaiming that Dallas wins this series? No. I strongly think they will but this is not what I am saying. I am simply stating that win or lose, we will not have a game like this again. The Heat just played a game against the 2006 Dallas Mavericks. On Thursday night, the 2011 Mavericks will show up and steal game 2.

Now, more than ever before,


Reader Submitted

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