Congratulations MoneyBallers!

The insane euphoria is beginning to pass, replaced by a sense of content. The giddiness is still there and often I find myself grinning like a Cheshire cat. It will go too, but hopefully not anytime soon. The post game ritual of scouring the blogs, every post online, reading every comment here is done. And I still want to stand and scream out to the world - "Yes, we fucking did it!". 

This is such a insanely special moment that I want to do my bit to try and chronicle an aspect of it. This post is not about the team. There will be tons of posts here and elsewhere talking about how great the team was, how amazing Dirk was, how its so wonderful that Kidd finally has his ring and how Terry really showed up. There are tons of people who are already doing it and many out there who can do a way better job at it than I can. This post is about you - the fans of this team. This post is about all you Moneyballers! 

A friend of mine, about 4 years back, laughed at me for using "We" in the context of the team. He said you talk as though you were a part of the Mavs. I was a tad embarrassed for being so emotionally vested in the success of this team. Here I was in love with a game played half way across the world. Most of the people around did not even know the team I was rooting for. This team was no crowd favorite, it definitely was not the media darling. Yet, I would stay up all night to catch a game, scream at the tv and regularly wake up my room mates.

I could never understand how people could call those Dirk's one legged fadeaway shots, ugly. To me they were poetic and a beauty. I never could understand how in a team game, passing out of a double team made you soft. The people around me who followed basketball were a) A Laker Fan B) A Bandwagoner and your typical ESPN fan of dunks and also my brother C) A fan of the underdog of the day. To say, I felt out of place with my love for the Mavs would be a colossal understatement. 

The years went by until I stumbled upon MMB via Yahoo Sports! I lurked here for about one year. I enjoyed the discussions that would happen here, I loved that there were people like me who screamed and shouted with joy, people who cared as much as I did. I shared the pain of that Spur's loss as much as anyone here did. Yet, I was worried I would not be welcome. I've had such experiences before (not on Mavs blogs per se) but elsewhere on the net.  

I however took the plunge and started participating in the game threads. I felt very welcome. People responded, I had animated discussions and I finally felt at home. Thanks to Lisa and the staff here for making this an engaging, wonderful place that is extremely friendly to newcomers. Thanks for giving me the freedom to cuss, share the joy and pain with reckless abandon. Thanks for giving me a home to express my love for this team. Thanks for making me feel like I am a part of the team. 

You guys are a big reason why this blog is so awesome. I commend you for the quality of the content, for keeping the passion alive and for your excellent work. From DoH's remarkable post game coverage (easily the best) to J0SHI's brilliant statistical analysis, to the ATFs and the insanely rapid recaps, simply put, you guys rock!

Thanks to all you great fans here without whom this day wouldn't have been anywhere as special as it is. You suffered the humiliations, taunts, and the pain of the exits and still stuck by your team and rooted so passionately. Thanks for all your sacrifice. I remember a couple of you who stayed away from the threads because it meant the Mavs were winning. And some of you, did not even watch the game just so that the Mavs keep on winning. WoW! I can't ever imagine going through something like that. 

It would be very hard for me to recount names of everyone who made this journey so incredible. So, I will just recall a few special events on this blog that really stood out for me. 

  • Finding  a friend and business partner out here :) 
  • Finding a fellow Wheel of Time fan (It's over man! Shai'tan is dead! Tai'Shar Mavs!) 
  • Notnerb's insane call of the Mavs sweeping the Lakers and it actually happening!
  • The support I had in the creation of the 2nd half threads!
  • The really long discussion I had here during the regular season about Dirk's insane offensive prowess and the whole soft issue. 
  • Watching with joy as Dirk totally mastered the art of knowing when to share the ball and with whom. 
  • Beating the fucking heat!
  • Magoo's insane Bobby C love and the custodian stepping in this series. 
  • The initial JJ hate and how he silenced most of us towards the end.
I guess I can go on and on. I am sure most of you have had your moments too. So go on and share them below! Congrats and thank you all! We Fucking Did IT!

Reader Submitted

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