On LeBron James

Watching the festivities after the Mavs Beat the Heat and became the NBA's version of "World Champions", the local station was showing some highlights from the Series.  One of those "highlights" was the one of Dwyane Wade mocking an ill Dirk Nowitzki.  LeBron followed suit.

This made me think.  LeBron has played the entire series as a shadow... as a ghost waiting to be told he was great.

LeBron is not a leader.  He bailed on Cleveland because he wanted a championship and he realized he'd never bring one there.  So, he looked up his buddy, Dwyane, who had one.  The two of them and another buddy would certainly be enough to give him what he wanted.  Yeah... get D.Wade and Bosh up front and those guys would win one.  LeBron could even be "King James" in their midst and it would be great.

But, James would never win one on his own.

And, when the Mavs (after Game One of the Finals) were finally allowed to play defense the same way James, Wade and Bosh were allowed to play (i.e. actually get in the way of The Big Three on their way to the basket), James didn't know how to handle that.

In Game Two, James playfully grabbed the ball and jumped into the bench as if he'd been pushed by a Mavs defender.  Of course, he hadn't been touched, but he is clearly honing his craft to look good to his teammates.  Not a leadership quality, more a boot-licking quality.  And, he got the call.

What does "King James" do if crying wolf all the time finally gets the officials to stop believing he is being fouled - even when he really might be.

LeFlop disappeared in the Finals because the officials (other than those in Game One) allowed the Mavericks to defend their basket the same way Miami was allowed to defend theirs:  "Play on!" became the norm.  Since there was no red carpet laid out for him to the rim, he naturally got lost.  He had no idea how to go through a defense that was a) paid to play NBA-quality basketball just like his own teammates and himself; and b) determined enough to analyze what he was doing and counter it.

That wasn't supposed to be allowed.  He is, after all, "King James".

Worse?  His buddies didn't win him that championship he so rightly deserves.

Dwyane?  Chris?  You let the king down.  You should be ashamed.

Reader Submitted

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