2011 NBA Finals:Quick thoughts after Game 2

These are some of my immediate thoughts following game 2. It was crazy guys. I hope you enjoy, and am pretty sure you will agree. 
It was a wild game, and after watching I can't help but to go crazy. I paced, I threw my recliner a few times. Got some weird looks from some friends.. Still, it was all worth it. I was tweeting all night. It was nuts. What a game. I can't say that enough. Anyways, here we are. Enjoy!

  • Ended the game on a 20-3 run
  • LeBron goes 0/4 in 4th, While Dirk goes 4/4 in his huge run at the end.
  • Wade went nuts in the first 3 1/2 quarters, held quiet in the last 1/2
  • Terry scores 8 points in the first 7 quarters, then 8 in the 4th of this game.
  • Dirk goes cold all game, then in SUPERSTAR fashion scores our final 9, including a huge 3 and the game winner.
  • Huge comeback v2 (see Thunder series game 4)
  • Why in the HELL can't we play that defense all 48 minutes?!?! 
  • Why does Micheal Wilbon single handedly being up '06 more than every single commentator combined, times 2?
  • 20 turnovers, and 31 points off turnovers for Miami....
  • Why is everyone still talking like we didn't win, but Miami lost.. Don't get it...
  • Dirk Nowitzki... Just... well he.... See bullet #5 to articulate it
  • Finally, this is for real guys. We are not the same team. No more teasing. This team has grit, they have determination, they have talent, and they have motivation. This is real.
To kind of wrap all of this up in a small paragraph, Damn. It was a crazy series. Down 15 with 5 to play, it was all but lost. This was such a game. Dallas is not the same team that they used to be guys. We finished. We came through. This game is going to mean a lot later in the stretch. Playing like this were are a tough bunch to beat.

I want to stress this a little more, and question really, Why can't our defense play like this more often? Play with that fire all game guys. That was big! Props go out to the Robot. And I just loved how calm we were during that run. That was us. They were going wild, jumping, running, we just silenced them. We played poised basketball. This was huge.

This is a different team boys and girls, and as cliche as it might be, this is our year.

Now, As Always,


PS: Props Lisa, Props. You had an amazing writeup, and got it up merely minutes after the game ended. 

Reader Submitted

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