Post Draft Roster shakedown

Well wan't that exciting...or not. After the trade dust settled Dallas had acquired Rudu Fernandez and the rights to Petteri Koponen(who? Oh that guy...) However Only Rudy will be on the team (that we know of) so lets get down to the Nitty Gritty..

Okay so who will he be replacing? Well considering that Butler, Stevenson and JJ Berea are all UFA's then most likely he will be replacing one of them, most likely Stevenson. Look past the Jump for my roster breakdown...


Now here as I see it, with the bringing in of Fernandez this means that Stevenson will not be resigned unless it is for a veterns minimum same as Stovavick.(sp?) So fo this perpose lets assume that Dallas resigns only Chandler and Butler, and makes no other moves, this Gives Dallas this Roster:

PG-Kidd, Beaubois,Jones

SG-Fernandez, Terry, Beaubois, Jones

SF-Butler, Marion, Brewer,Fernandez

PF- Dirk,Cardinal,Marion

Center-Chandler, Haywood, Mahinmi

Here is how I see the minutes breaking down:

PG- KIdd-25-30 per game, Beaubois15-20 per game, Jones-0-5 min per game: Jones is the biggest loser here, However He will probably go down to the D-League unless, Kidd or Roddy gets injured....

SG- Fernandez-15-20 min per game, Terry- 20-30 mins per game Jones 5-10 min per game, Beaubois 0-5 min per game

At the SG position it is a little more crowded, However I think that Fernandez will take over Stevensons role as "defacto starter" however I think he may get more mins per game(stevenson ended up with ~16 per game whereas Fernandez may end up in the 20-25 range... though alot of it will depend on Fernandez...

SF- Butler-20-25 min per game, Marion- 15-20, Brewer- 5-10 min per game

This I think will be again one of the more hotly debated topics this offseason, Butler vs Marion starting either way the numbers will probably work out this way....

PF- Dirk-30-35 min per game, Cardinal-10-15 mins per game, Marion-0-10 mins per game

Don't think I need to explain this....

Center- Chandler-25-30 min per game, Haywood- 15-20 mins per game, Mahinmi- 5-10 mins per game

Mostly depends on Chandlers ability to stay out of Foul trouble.....


Sorry this has taken so long...I will be updating this as the Offseason progresses in light of any trades/resigns(or not resigned) or other FA activity....

As always I welcome Comments and feel free to put your 2 cents of charge!!!!

Reader Submitted

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