10 Western Conference Crazy Trades Involving The Mavericks

So, there's a potential lock-out in both The NFL and The NBA, summer is going to be a whole bunch of Baseball, Soccer, and random fringe sports. I want to stay in "basketball mode" and to do so, I'm going to try to make a trade for the Mavericks involving every team in the NBA.This post contains 10 Western Conference Trades. I will be doing 2 more posts involving the other 20 teams.

First off, these trades are not ones that I say to do, I won't find a Pro-Maverick Trade every time, I will try to make them as logical and reasonable as possible though. Don't expect any Kobe or Dirk trades in this post. Let's get it going!

First Trade:

Mavericks Send: Corey Brewer and Ian Mahimi

Nuggets Send: Kenneth Faried <3, Timofey Mozgov, and Kosta Koufos

This was a very hard trade. The Mavericks get a legitimate back-up PF and are moving into helping free Roddy and DoJo by moving Brewer. We give them a good prospect in Ian Mahimi for Timofey and Kosta who are on the same level as Ian, but their contracts aren't the greatest. It's a financial win for Denver and I believe an equal trade. And what can I say, I love Kenneth Faried and his hair.

Second Trade:

Mavericks Send: Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood, and Jason Terry

Warriors Send: Monte Ellis and Andris Biedrins

First off, you can't have a Warriors trade without including Monte right now. Now that that's out of the way, The Warriors get some much needed defense with Shawn Marion and Brendan Haywood. They also get Jason Terry who can be either their 6th man or a viable replacement for Monte. Dallas on the other hand finally gets a true side-kick to Dirk and a center who can do a good job off the bench.

Third Trade:

Dallas Sends: Ian Mahimi, Shawn Marion, and Brendan Haywood

Houston Sends: Terrence Williams, Kyle Lowry, Jordan Hill, and Hasheem Thabeet

This was a bitch to do. I finally gave up and made a trade for a rebuilding Mavericks team. We get rid of Haywood's bad contract and give up an old Shawn Marion in exchange for a SF with a ton of potential, a future point guard, a back-up PF who can grab rebounds, and a future Center who has potential in Thabeet. The Rockets finally get a center, and a back-up and they get a starting SF who can fill in very well.


Fourth Trade:

Dallas Receives: Metta World Peace

Clippers Receive: Pao Gasol and Andrew Bynum

Lakers Receive: Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman, Mo Williams, and Brendan Haywood


Lakers get a future star to build around in their quest to win more championships. A legit starting center in Brendan and a future point guard. Chris Kaman is due almost 12M this year, but after his contract is up, the Lakers get some good cap room to re-sign Blake Griffin.

Clippers get a damn good PF and the 2nd best Center in the NBA when healthy. This makes them have a core of, Eric Bledsoe, Eric Gordon, Aminu, Pao, and Bynum. That's a Playoff team if I haven't seen one before. I just saved basketball in Clipperland.

Dallas, they swap a bad contract for a crazy guy. I just wanted to make a 3 team trade so this is what happens.

Fifth Trade:

Dallas Sends: Roddy, Corey, and DoJo

Memphis Sends: OJ Mayo, and Ish Smith

I think OJ will have a much better NBA Career than Roddy, Corey, or DoJo. The Mavericks get a serious starting SG that can take some minutes off Terry who is getting old. Memphis gets rid of a locker room distraction and brings in 3 very good prospects for the future.

Sixth Trade:

Dallas Sends: Brendan Haywood and Shawn Marion

Minnesota Sends: Kevin Love, Wesley Johnson, Michael Beasley, and Derrick Williams

It's Kahn. This CAN happen!!!


Sixth Trade Attempt 2:

Dallas Sends: Brendan Haywood

Minnesota Sends: Michael Beasley

Minnesota drafted Derrick, now it's time for Beasley to move on. Donnie Nelson would pull the trigger on this value trade any day. Oh and Minnesota gets a C.

Seventh Trade:

Dallas Sends: Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, and Corey Brewer

Hornets Send: Chris Paul and Emeka Okafer

Note: This would never happen, but I would do it if I were The Hornets. I would do it because, I would get 18M in cap space and they get rid of an absolutely terrible Emeka Okafer contract. It's time for New Orleans to rebuils. Oh and Dallas gets CP3.

Eighth Trade:

Dallas Sends: Corey Brewer

OKC Sends: Thabo Sefolosha

Corey Brewer will be better than Thabo. He is equal defensively, and has a better offensive game. Right now though, Thabo is better. Mavericks go for win now, OKC goes for help win later.

Ninth Trade:

Dallas Sends: Jason Kidd, Roddy, DoJo, and Shawn Marion

Phoenix Sends: Steve Nash and Josh Childress

It kills me to not be able to keep Shawn Marion, but for us to get Steve Nash in a trade we would have to be getting a bad contract for a not so good player. Phoenix goes into rebuilding mode with DoJo and Roddy, improve on Childress' contract and get Kidd for a year. Dallas gets Nash back! If this happens I'm buying that jersey shirt, I've been looking for a Nash Mavs jersey for a while. The Mavericks also get Josh Childress, he has a terrible contract, but he can be a back-up SF just fine on this team.

I'll be posting part 2 in 4-10 days depending on the time I get in real life. 

Note:This was with the NBA Trade Machine so I did not have access to players: Caron Butler, Tyson Chandler, Deshawn Stevenson, JJ Barea, Brian Cardinal, or Peja Stojakovic.

Reader Submitted

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