What would be the most Intelligent thing for the Mavs resigning Barea or Trading Roddy

The Barea topic has created lots of debate during the whole season...



But here are some facts that should be taken in consideration in order to make the correct decision. There are some elements that the management should think, but I think they had already. First of all I resent all the trash talk about Barea who has suffer from a lot of it since becoming part of this team. For that I think that our fans have become really ungrateful of all the contributions this little guy have made to our team. I hope this doesn't comeback to us if he decides to go to another team because of that reason specially if he goes to a division rival, which I hope doesn't happen. Here are some of the reason why I think Dallas should re-sign JJ instead of letting him go and let Roddy or anyone else's fill his position.

First, Bussiness and market value.

It has been said that Barea isn't worth of a big contract. I defer, after his performance in this year's championship run his market value is up in the sky. He demostrated that he can play at the highest level. I know he had some non-pretty games at the start of the finals but after he was given the starting role his production increased not only in numbers but also in energy and speed.  He gave the Mavs as a starter:

Game 4:8 pts, 3 ast 4 rebounds

Game5: 17 pts, 5 ast

Game6: 15 pts and some very important baskets in the 3rd and 4th quarters

The other thing that has been vastly commented is that Barea doesn't have defense, which I clearly defer. Those of you who play basketball knows that in order to be a good defender you have to move your feet to be able to keep with your opponent. During the whole playoff run rarely does a PG goes by him, and he was a pest over  Mike Bibby, Mario Chalmers, Russell Westbrook and in the past over Tony Parker one of the fastest PG's in the league, he also draw some charges against the defense especially in clutch moments. For this reason I think that criticizing on his defense is being made without foundation just as a fact because he's a litte guy. This is another thing why so many teams are behind him, he's noy just a scorer but a guy who can also defend.



In comparison with Roddy this are the numbers:

Regular season:

















Now that we have that information can someone explain me why I guy more than 5 inches taller than the other averages the same amount of rebounds that the smallest guy in the court averages and less points, and please don't tell me is because of a 2 minute playing time differential. At most Barea is underrated and Roddy is overrated. I don't want to imagine how a shoot first limited court vision player is maned Kidd's heir and possible backup PG of the  World champions, not to mention his fragility, and lack of height to play and defend at the SG position. I think that with Rudy and Terry we have more than enough to cover the SG spot if we are able to resign Barea.

Second Barea is a big attraction for the Latin Market and I think that's one of the favorite reasons why Cuban wants him of the team he's making big profits out of the little man. Barea is a big part of the nucleus of this team, in contrast with Roddy which have been informed in reports that is an outsider who is always talking in French in the locker room one more reason to move him. 

The only reason why we should keep him is if Barea signs with another team which is very probable if Dallas doesn't take him seriously and offer him the money he deserves and due to big performances against good teams in the playoffs. Just pray that he doesn't go to L.A. and the Custodian have to make him a Stone cold stunner because his killing us in playoffs, that would really hurt and not because of his play but because we had the opportunity  to keep him but we kept who, underachieving Roddy. I truly prefer overachievers guys that go over the expectations, than having a supposed to be star in our team. Do Dallas fans really think that we won the last three games of the finals due to coincidence, I don't. 

As a suggestion Barea don't take negative comments to seriously, they can come from people like John Mccain and then guess what they have to do apologize. Don't go to another team hope Cuban likes you so much after all you've done for this team, cause if not other teams are hungry for a guy like you. 

Reader Submitted

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