Jason Kidd: Is It Time To Retire?

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First thing I'd like to say is please read, or at least skim this before voting.


Okay. This post is coming from a die-hard Dallas fan. Also, I am a huge Jason Kidd fan. So I'm saying this out of love.

I think Jason should retire. Sorry Lisa.

The fact of the matter is that his career will never get better. He is an aging point guard. As the years progress, he will get slower, and people will beat him more easily. Is he still a premiere NBA PG? HELL YES. He just led us to a title. I am not questioning his productivity.

We need more minutes to be able to fully develop our younger players. Corey, Roddy, and Rudy can all use some of the minutes left over to try to develop as players. Let's face it guys. Let's be honest with ourselves. The chances Dallas repeats are scarce. They're not nonexistent, just scarce. We can still win, but it is a longshot. I think Jason should retire while on top. This year is perfect. He shot the ball well. He came through in the clutch. He won a championship. This is it. This is the pinnacle of his career.

If he keeps playing, what of his career? He will finish with a few more seasons of 7 or 8 points a game, 7-10 assists and a handful of rebounds and steals. Peanuts to his career averages. He is a hall of famer. For sure. It will happen no matter what, and that is the truth. A few more years will do nothing for his legacy. Instead, I believe he needs to leave after having the most perfect season he could. It won't get any better than a championship ring.

Look at it from an unbiased perspective. Realize for one minute the chances of a repeat. They are low. We will be a contender, but hey, it has taken us 11 years of contention to win. I am not saying Dirk or JET should retire, because they have 3-5 years left. 3-5 good years. Kidd has 1 or 2. The chances to win are too low. Let him go out on top. Think about him, do you really want him to retire after a heartbreaking playoff loss? Or after complete ecstacy?

Let me recap really fast. He can compete, yes. He is still an amazing point guard. If he retired now, his career would be perfect. With his extra minutes, we can develop young players and build for the future. Think about it. Jason Kidd can retire after the greatest season he could ever ask for.

He will forever be remembered a champion.

There is more I can write, but I've ranted enough. I'll do the rest of my talking in the comment section.

Now, as always,

Reader Submitted

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