Observations of a Lurker: SacTown Royalty

Hi Ya'll. I am sure a few of you know me from Blogging the Boys, and know that I am fairly active over there. And while I freely admit that the Cowboys are my first love, I do root for most "Texas Teams", particularly the Mavericks and the Rangers. So every once in a while I post and Comment over here. Well LJ and I had a small Conversation.

To that end this post was born. I was looking for something to do over here so I figured I would meander over to SacTown Royalty and see how they were reacting to the Utter Beatdown that the MAvericks were laying upon them. Needless to say, there were some Gems. Follow me past the jump To see what I saw. For the sake of those over at SacTown I will be removing the names of those posting that I am using. This is simply Because I don't want to "call anyone out" and to protect those involved. And to Be clear the bolded Statements are the ones from SacTown. any non Bolded are my own thoughts....

Still with me? Awesome. So lets Start with the Preveiw OF the Game, posted by editor Tom Ziller, (who also writes for SBNation, and is one of my Favorite Writers), Where this was posted:

Dirk might go for 100 against us

Hopefully this prediction goes the same way my Salmons prediction went

Now on to the First Game thread(351 Comments) Right Off the Bat I got this little gem:

Who knows what is going to happen tonight?

I do but I won't spoil it for you.

I hope that means we are going to get a win!

As We know, that wasn't to be....The next little Gem was this (Caution, some may find this uncontrollably funny)...

I like Salmons on Dirk

Maybe 3 quick fouls and to the bench.

Next up has nothing to do with the game but needs to be recognized as Truth:

Mavs Cheerleaders

Are hot. /End.

i just noticed that myself

funny how that works

Yes We agree. After a little Kidd Love (for LJ):

Kidd is unreal

Him and Nash seem to age pretty well

I then came across this:

man our defense sucks

what defense?

the defense were we stand there and stretch hands in the general direction of jason terry and watch him drive and shoot

Don't Know about you, but I like that Defense...All teams should employ that.....but then Further down We see the Real reason Why Dallas won:

John Salmons sucks

That is all.

He does

So does DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans, Jimmer Fredette, Francisco Garcia, Donte Greene, Chuck Hayes, J.J. Hickson, Travis Outlaw, Isaiah Thomas, Jason Thompson, Marcus Thornton, Keith Smart, Geoff Petrie, the Maloofs, and Slamson.

That is all.

That's it's it? Hmmmm....But Wait there's more!

Only down by 23 in the second quarter

That is normal, right?

This season it is.

Well it is nice that they are keeping an optimistic view point. It is at this point I found probably one of the best sub threads of the night:

Think we'll get to 30 before

The half?

30 points down?

Yeah, I like our chances!

If we get to thirty five by half time

I will eat my socks.

You mean turnovers?

Good Stuff Guys....but Then I saw what I think was the best comment of the night:

Breaking news

This just in:

“Using a bold and unprecedented strategy, the Sacramento Kings managed to put all the Mavericks asleep in the first half of Saturdays game, ending up with an easy 269-52 win over the reigning champs.”


by rubenho on Jan 14, 2012 7:04 PM PST

This was good Enough that I had to show the poster....Honestly I could end right here, but then you would miss these:

Sometimes you just get your ass kicked

It happens.

It's 5 times for us in a 12 game season to date

I think may be cause for worry.

Yeah Have to agree there....As the 2nd Quarter ended this tidbit got posted:

Good News: Mavs only had 15pts that 2nd quarter

Bad/Worse/Embarrassing News: we only had 6…

Love that Dallas Defense....this isn't Nellie Ball anymore.....

I could go into the Second Game thread, But this is more of a Test post anyway, plus I am having to do some serious HTML editing(which gives me headaches) I will leave it here...If you Would Like Me to do more of these, Feel Free to Let me Know, and also if there are any changes that you think should be made to the Format, Feel free to Comment on those also.

Reader Submitted

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