Weekly NBA Power Rankings: Jeremy Lin Busts Winning Streak, But Dallas Mavericks Crack Top5

Without Rodrigue Beaubois and Delonte West, Mavs ran out of defense against this guy.

The 6-game win streak came to an end against the New York Knicks last night, but the Mavs showed improvements and competitiveness against one of the toughest schedules lately with key absentees and so climb into the Top5 in the latest rankings. Here's your overview:

NBA.com - David Aldridge: 4th

Six-game win streak gets Lincinerated Sunday at the Garden.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann: 5th

The Mavs lost Delonte West to a broken finger on Wednesday, but with Jason Kidd healthy, their starting lineup is a plus-60 in 69 minutes over the last six games, scoring a ridiculous 117 points per 100 possessions. Despite Sunday's loss in New York, Dallas had a strong week against a tough schedule.

SheridanHoops.com - Chris Sheridan: 5th

The showcasing of Shawn Marion’s defensive prowess continues. As I have been telling you for weeks, the Mavs would move him for an expiring contract to clear the cap room to make max offers to Deron Williams and Dwight Howard. Matrix, 33, has recently defended point guards Ricky Rubio, Chris Paul, Ty Lawson, Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams. Advice to Mark Cuban: Trade him East.

NBC - Kurt Helin: 5th

Brutal schedule last week and they came out looking good with wins over the 76ers, Clippers and Nuggets (the lone loss was to Linsanity on Sunday). When Dirk Nowitzki is clicking this whole offense comes together.

SBNation - Tom Ziller: 6th

A strong week from the Mavericks until the team fell victim to Linsanity in New York. There's just still something missing from the champs.

ESPN - Marc Stein: 6th

During its six-game winning streak, Dallas held opponents to 89.5 ppg on 39.2 percent shooting while Dirk took his total of 30-point games to three this month after none in his first 19 games. Translation: The champs can still be a title contender with that formula even when their main focus is 2012 free agency.

ESPN - John Holinger's Metric: 6th

Teamrankings.com - Power Ratings: 6th

HoopsStats.com - Efficiency Differential: 6th

MavsMoneyball - j0Shi's Schedule Adjusted Efficiencies: 13th

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