Dirk Nowitzki Should Announce the NBA All Star Game

Really, there are only two arguments for Dirk Nowitzki and the All-Star game:

For him going: The NBA All-Star game isn't a highly-regarded career achievement. It's a showcase for the NBA to entertain masses. Dirk helps entertain masses (even if it is giving hilarious answers to The Basketball Jones' questions)

For him not: He's averaging his worst numbers since his rookie year and, like, four other forwards are totally doing better than him right now. The All-Star game is a reward for players playing the best at the halfway point of the season.

That's about it. I don't want to dig into numbers and explain to you why Dirk doesn't have the stats to backup an All-Star bid this year, because it's so obvious. But instead, how about we kill two birds with one stone: Let Dirk be at All-Star weekend, not to play, but announce.

It's really a genius idea spawned by whoever started this twitter account.

Here's Dirk's announcing resume, in case you needed a reminder here and here.

My Wednesday thoughts after the jump:

  • The Mavericks play in Denver tonight, and seriously, that stinks. When does anything good ever happen when the Mavs visit the Nuggets? By my unofficial count, Dallas has lost 3,450 straight games in Denver, not including the playoffs of course. Each year it's something different – Carmelo ripping our hearts out, Arron Freaking Afflalo or the entire second round of the 2009 playoffs (I'm looking at you, Antoine Wright). So what's it going to be this time? Ty Lawson scoring 45? Nene dropping a triple-double? Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer going off for 30 points each? Actually, that last one is probably happening now. The only good to come from anything with the Mavericks in Denver was we got this picture taken to be saved forever: 20735_225306676804_519561804_3580357_5044187_n_medium

    via a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net

  • Jason Kidd is most likely out for tonight's game, which means the Mavericks will probably have another 20+ turnovers. In a related note, I'm really curious to see who Rick Carlisle lets run the show if the game is tight down the stretch. Does he give Rodrigue Beaubois another chance or does Delonte West get a shot? My money is on West seeing more time in a close fourth quarter game this time around.
  • A few weeks back, I said Shawn Marion was the Mavs best and most consistent player so far in the young season. He's proceeded to shoot 36.6 percent in his last five games. Can I jinx 'em or what?

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