Top 5 Home Game Moments of the Season (with video)

Editor's Note: Front-paged for end-of-season optimism!

Being a season ticket holder, this year has been a rollercoaster. From an embarrassing 0-3 start, to an impressive 13-5 record in January, to a midseason 4-game losing streak that included losses in New Orleans and to the lowly Nets at home, all of the way to last Friday’s playoff clincher against the Warriors.

Through all of the wins, losses, injuries, "Did we really lose that game?!"s, "Did another team really hit a buzzer beater on us?!"s, and "DIIIIIIIIIIRK!!!"s, one constant has held true – it’s been fun. The 66-game schedule made for a fast paced season with action almost every night.

With that being said, I’ve compiled my Top 5 Home Game Moments of the Season below. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and experiences from these moments, or with moments of your own.


5. The game Lamar Odom showed up (see the game highlights)

In the Mavs’ January 27 matchup against Utah, LO dropped 19 points on 7-12 shooting, including 3-4 from beyond the arc. Fans at the AAC could just sense the change in Odom’s attitude and everyone was convinced he finally turned the corner after 20 games in royal blue. We all know how this one ended.

4. Dirk’s 40-point clinic vs. the Jazz (see all 40 points)

Dirk was 14-21 from the field, shooting his way to a 40-point explosion. After averaging 22.3 points in January, this early February performance shut up critics and doubters for good.

3. Win over Houston to clinch the playoffs (see the game highlights)

Okay, so the win didn’t officially clinch our playoff berth. Regardless, the atmosphere gave me flashbacks of last year’s playoff run and all but guaranteed that the Mavs would be playing in the NBA Playoffs for a 12th straight season. Top it off with the fact that the W worsened the Rockets’ late season skid, essentially forcing them out of the playoffs, and you’ve got yourself a truly great moment.

2. Vince Carter’s dunk over Emeka Okafor (see the slam)

Coming into the season, I was a little skeptical about the pickup of VC. His "effort" in Phoenix last year was borderline Odom and rumors were rampant around the league that his knees were gone. After this dunk, I became an instant believer. The effort has been obvious… and Vinsanity's knees are well intact.

1. OT win against San Antonio (see Terry's shot)

After blowing an 18-point lead to the Spurs reserves, Dallas made a comeback of their own while erasing a 7-point deficit in the final 1 ½ minutes of regulation. JET capped the comeback with his game tying jumper, then the Mavs took care of business in overtime. (Please refrain from mentioning the Danny Green almost-game-winning-jumper that was less than a tenth of a second from moving this moment to the Bottom 5)

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