Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat (Round 2)

Just taking a look at this second round matchup and what the Pacers would have to do to TRY and pull of a very unlikely upset of the Miami Heat. Again, not saying this is going to happen just having some fun and breaking down what they would have to do to improve their chances.

Roy Hibbert. In order for Indiana to have any shot of upsetting the Heat in this series, Roy Hibbert is going to be required to have a great series. He is going to have to dominate in the post offensively against the weakest part of the Heat's team, as well as tenaciously defend the rim and change Wade and Lebron's shots at the rim. He's just going to have to dominate, plain and simple. Maybe this is the series where Hibbert takes the next step? o_O

I think Darren Collison is going to be an important X-Factor in this series for the Pacers. He is going to need to penetrate off the pick and roll and get Granger and George involved hitting some three pointers, as well as keeping the defense honest by showing the ability to finish at the rim (in the mold of a J.J Barea last year.) If he is able to succesfully do this he will take a lot of the pressure offensively off of Granger and George who are going to be defender touch this entire series.

David West should be attacking the rim hard throughout this series for two reasons. One to get some much needed points in the paint, as well as try to get Chris Bosh in some foul trouble. Preferably West could catch the ball off some pick and rolls in a position to attack the basket. If he can get Bosh in foul trouble it will take a big part of the Miami Heat offense off the floor and force the suspect cast of Heat role players to fill his shoes.

The best way for Granger to get his offense in this series will be freeing him up by setting some screens for him to come off in the wing areas. It will be much easier for him to either pull up for the jumpshot of take it hard to the basket in this manner. The Heat have great wing defenders and if left in isolation situations with Lebron and Battier will have to work incredibly hard the entire series in order to get his points, the Pacers have to make things easier for him by getting the ball in favorable positions for him.

Hibbert, West, and Hansbrough need to go to the glass hard through the entire series, not taking any plays off, to get a good amount of second chance opportunities, the heat are going to play tough defense and you have to counteract that by getting as many shots as possible.

Overall the Pacers are going to have to dominate in the painted area, on the boards and shoot the ball well from 3 to be able to get it done offensively in this series. Granger and George are going to have to get some easy shots and need to have high percentage games, not taking too much difficult contested shots.

The most important thing to do against the Heat defensivly is do NOT turn the ball over, turning the ball over against the Heat is an automatic death sentence as everybody knows. They have to take GREAT care of the ball to have any chance, turn the ball over and lose the series it's as simple as that. Do not ignite the fast break. Also, don't settle for too many jumps shot, jump shots also help the break start easier.

The pacers should go under on all screens/pick and rolls for Lebron and Wade, the more jumpshots they take the better. Come hard on help defense when they do get into the painted area, force their suspect supporting casts to beat make shots and beat you.

Granger and George are going to have to play tough and give all on defense defending Wade and Lebron, your obviously not going to stop them but you have to make them work for every bucket.

The Pacers have to win the hustle plays as well, diving for lose balls, fighting for lose rebounds etc. they have to outwork them.

Overall the chance of them winning this series are not great, as the Heat best players are just better players then the Pacers best players, they also have more experience playing in the post season. But if they want to have any shot, i believe this is the game plan that will get it done. If they can successfully do all the things listed here(Big If) they might just suprise the Heat(hopefully).

Reader Submitted

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