Dallas' Free Agent Options

Obviously, we're all concerned with the Mavs' offseason at this point. Cuban will have cap space to work with for the first time as an owner. So, who can he get with it?

Looking over Hoops World's list of 2012 Free Agents I see quite a few quality, unrestricted or player options available:
- Point Guard:
Deron Williams, Brooklyn Nets
Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
Aaron Brooks, Phoenix Suns
Raymond Felton, Portland Trail Blazers
Kirk Hinrich, Atlanta Hawks
Andre Miller, Denver Nuggets
Chauncey Billups, L.A. Clippers
Jameer Nelson, Orlando Magic
George Hill, Indiana Pacers
Leandro Barbosa, Indiana Pacers
Goran Dragic,, Houston Rockets

- Shooting Guard:

Ray Allen, Boston Celtics
Landry Fields, New York Knicks
Carlos Delfino, Milwaukee Bucks
Nick Young, L.A. Clippers
Jamal Crawford, Portland Trail Blazers

- Small Forward:
Gerald Wallace, Brooklyn Nets
Grant Hill, Phoenix Suns
Matt Barnes, L.A. Lakers

- Power Forward:
Brandon Bass, Boston Celtics
Kris Humphries, Brooklyn Nets
Kenyon Martin, L.A. Clippers
Carl Landry, New Orleans Hornets

- Center:
Chris Kaman, New Orleans Hornets
Marcus Camby, Houston Rockets
Spencer Hawes, Philadelphia 76ers
Mehmet Okur, Portland Trail Blazers
Joel Przybilla, Portland Trail Blazers

PG is obviously the strongest group, which is great since that is one of the Mavs' biggest needs since Kidd well past an ideal starter at this point. Nash and Dragic are good consolation prizes if they can't land Deron. The rest are worthy backups should Kidd move on.

Some I listed based on notoriety, but would be horrible fits in the ball movement offense the Mavs run. Nick Young and Jamal Crawford in particular would need personality transplants before they'd make any sense in Dallas.
Outside of the deep PG field, the players that would plug into the Mavs system best would be:

2: Allen or Fields

3: yuck, they should definitely hold onto Shawn Marion. Wouldn't mind Hill or Barnes as a backup.

4: Humphries or Landry (I skipped Garnett and Duncan, who wouldn't want to backup Dirk anyway)

5: not a great selection here, either. Keep Haywood and Mahinmi until amnestying Brendan is directly necessary to bring in someone else. Any of these 5 FA centers can be useful in a rotation of big men, but none is likely to be a difference-maker in a playoff series.

In summary: sum huge upgrades available at the point, but everything past that are minor improvements at best. Keep in mind, Mark and Donnie have always been very good at trading, and trade flexibility was a key reason for maintaining cap space, so a key acquisition or two might not be on this list.

Any FAs I didn't list that the Mavs should consider, in your opinion? Did I highlight guys that make no sense to you?

Reader Submitted

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