Mavs free agency so far

Free agency is less than 12 hours old, and the Mavs have made the following moves,

1. Vince Carter is back, the Mavs have picked up his option. He will cost 3.1 Million against the salary cap. Vince had a so-so season last year, while he did average 10 points per game, he only shot 41% from the field. He showed his explosiveness a couple of times, but he is just a role player, who may hit an ocassional 3 or explode to the basket. At this point in his career, he is not going to be a difference maker, but can be a useful role player.

2. Brandon Wright's option has also been picked up. The Mavs have made a decision to bring Brandon Wright back next season. He was one of the bright spots last year, a tall athletic young man, who can play 4, and some 5 against less physical centers. He had decent numbers last year, in 16 minutes per game he averaged 6.9 pts and 3.6 rebounds. Nothing to write home about, but still decent numbers nevertheless. More importantly he is a young player who seems to be improving. He would probably cost more in free agency.

3. Ian Mahinmi is moving on, as expected he has had interest from several teams, but the Mavs are not one of them. He will probably make a decision soon, depending on years and money offerred. He will likely get 3-6 million for 3 years or so. I don't see the Mavs giving him anything close to that.

Players Mavs are reportedly interested in

Brandon Roy, his knees are possibly better, and he wants to make a comeback. He is really good player, as most of us remember from the 2011 playoffs. The Mavs are on his shortlist of teams. I think he will wait to see what other moves the Mavs make, if they get D-Will, I think he will be more inclined to sign here. His minutes will likely be managed tightly if he does sign here.

Anthony Randolph, he averaged 7 pts and 3.6 boards last year. Decent role player, probably in a backup role.

Michael Beasly, the Mavs are reportedly interested in him also. He could be a great addition to the team. But will likely cost more than the Mavs will be willing to pay.

Centers - The Mavs are interested in Hasheem Thabeet and Joel Przybilla. Neither of them is great, and really won't do too much but play as a rotational center. Thabeet is likely if the Mavs amnesty Haywood, he has a big body and can put a body on the likes of Bynum, Perkins, and Howard. Roy Hibbert has reportedly been offered a Max Deal from Portland and one other team. Lets see if Indiana matches, they have reportedly offered less.

Big Fish Update

he will reportedly meet with the Mavs and the Nets on Monday and make his decision soon afterwards. Mark Cuban will be in LA at the time filming Shark Tank. That in itself is not a good sign. Several sources are reporting or are inclined towards (Stien, Steven A Smith) that he will likely sign with the Nets. Ben & Skin's confidence of D-Will signing was pretty low at 9% yesterday. Furthermore, it appears that D-Will and J-Kidd are a combo deal. Kidd has recently bought a place in the Hamptons. All signs are pointing to the Mavs losing out on the D-Will sweepstakes, but it is not final. Yesterday afternoon on the Nathan and xx show on 105.3 the fan, Donnie Nelson was asked if this is the biggest moment in Mavs history since the drafting of Dirk, he said that it ranks up there. So I am sure they will try their best, but he did not sound too optimistic.

Other Point Guards Steve Nash is likely done in Phoenix, reports are that Toronto will offer him 12 Million/yr, and a 3 year deal (speculation that years 2 and 3 will likely be partially guaranteed) Not sure if the Mavs can/will offer anything in that neighborhood.

Goran Dragic, Houston is planning to resign him, they are also shopping Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin, and Lius Scola. Not sure what they are seeking.

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